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April 7, 2022 - Issue #401
This week, we have a featured article from Keith Casey titled, "API Design Smells". I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't titled, "Whoever Smelt it Designed it", but whatever.

We also have a great article on gRPC and the differences with REST, an API Complexity Survey from Platformable that rewards your time with a free ebook (including my own book, Principles of Web API Design), the benefits of API aggregation, AsyncAPI versioning and governance, and a look at REST API Security essentials. 

Happy Reading!
-- James

Hot Topics
API Design Smells
In software development, a "Design Smell" is a signal that something isn't quite right. Think of it like your car sounding a little bit different or your Spider Sense tingling. In the best of times, you can immediately point at the problem and know how to fix it. []

What is gRPC? Is it Better Than REST API?
Netflix, Google, Square, and others have already adopted it. REST is an architectural style to design web-based APIs, which become REST APIs. When the Client and Server communicate using REST API s, they would have a predefined endpoint and payload contract. REST API uses all HTTP methods like GET... by Ruby Valappil []

Gravitee API Complexity survey
The State of API Complexity Survey is a unique look at the current challenges in managing the various complexities of API-enabled architectures and business systems across all industries. This survey is suited to API engineers, architects, product managers, and business leaders managing the API strategy for your organization. The survey is comprised of a total of 35 API-related questions but respondents short on time are offered a chance to jump to the end after the first 15 questions. All survey respondents (whether answering 35 or just 15 questions) will receive a free ebook of their choice from a leading API industry writer, valued at around $45. []

The Benefits of API Aggregation
The technology world has an ongoing love affair with APIs. The continued hubbub - both within industry sectors, as a way of opening the market - and as a means for bringing new products to market shows no signs of abating. []

Explore These Top API Style Guide Resources
We've collected the best style guideline resources from across the web in one convenient place. Use these resources to plan out your next style guide for your organization's API program. Check back in a few weeks for news about an exciting new Stoplight feature available soon to create, share, and enforce API style guides, right within your workflow. by Anna Daugherty []

Getting started with API governance in AsyncAPI
Since GamingAPI are open source, I want to create some consistency and set the level of expectation that one can expect from the project. So what are API governance? Well, there are different interpretations of it, Janet points to 9 different things to focus on, Kin points to 5, but what they both points towards one thing. by EventStack []

AsyncAPI versioning in practice
Before getting comfortable, this is a continuum of the first versioning post which clarifies the version strategy this post takes into practice. The workflow at which you propose changes to the APIs is what you can build the version strategy around. by EventStack []

REST API Security Essentials - DZone Refcardz
The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is the de-facto transport-level cryptographic protocol to ensure secure communications over a TCP/IP network. An encrypted transport layer is essential for APIs to ensure that attackers are unable to eavesdrop data or tokens "on the wire" as they are transmitted and to ensure that the client can validate the integrity of the server (via certificate checking). []

Podcast: 25 years with cURL
In an interview, Daniel Stenberg discusses a host of topics, including the history of cURL and libcurl, whether C was the right choice, portability, implementing protocols, why HTTP is not so simple, Rust libs, the Polhem Prize, code on Mars, Apple OS adoption, cars stuck in production lines, Android OS, favorite command line options that you might not know about, and much more. by Software Engineering Radio []

draft-ietf-httpapi-yaml-mediatypes-00 - YAML Media Types
This document registers the application/yaml media type and the +yaml structured syntax suffix on the IANA Media Types registry. []
The Business of APIs
Don't organize APIs against ownership
It doesn't matter how APIs are organized, in layers, by business domain or any other dimension if you don't take care of the most important one. The one dimension that rules them all: ownership. This post is the third and last of the "3 dimensions to consider for a successful API-First strategy" series. by Arnaud Lauret []

Just Tell Me What To Do
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash In a recent edition of the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, host Emma Gannon described her discovery of a Facebook group that helps individuals make small decisions. "Can't decide between two shirts?" it asks. "Can't choose pizza or spaghetti for dinner? Let this group make small decisions for you." []

You Can't Be "Digital-First" Without API Design
How a Solid API Strategy Can Help Your Company Transform If you had told me a decade ago that a hundred-year-old beer manufacturer was one of our largest customers utilizing our API design software, I would've called you crazy. But, the reality is that Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are not just for technology companies anymore. []

Fastly + Fanout: why real-time messaging and edge computing are an amazing combination
We're absolutely thrilled to announce that we've acquired Fanout, a platform for building real-time apps. We've been working on and off with Justin, Fanout's CEO and Founder, and the team for more than four years, supporting the needs of multiple joint customers, but a recent project made us realize that now was the right time for them to join the Fastly team. []

Choreo is Now Generally Available
WSO2 is excited to announce that Choreo, a digital platform as a service, is now generally available. For companies who need a fast, simple, and secure way to create services, integrations, and APIs, Choreo goes beyond traditional integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offerings, API management solutions, or service meshes. []
The Challenge of Scaling WebSockets
Ultimately, delivering real-time capabilities using WebSockets requires additional architectural and engineering complexity, especially when done at scale. by Matthew O'Riordan, Michael Cucchi, Andrew Backes []

Better API calls in Flutter
Creating your first app(s) with Flutter seems soo easy. The problems start with bigger apps. One of them might be handling API calls. We will look at how we can improve them in this article. So, what do you recommend? I'm glad you asked. by Paweł S []
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