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Jan 28, 2021 - Issue #342
This week's articles include making a command line interface (CLI) more intuitive, tips for ensuring that you turn off your old, sunset APIs properly, and a nice take on the many faces of loose coupling. Also included is a look at Postman's latest Desktop App UI updates, revisiting the Bezos API mandate, and the four levels of maturity that bridge AppSec and engineering divide. 

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Hot Topics
How To Make Your CLI More Intuitive
CLIs are the unsung heroes of modern software development. While web GUIs and programmatic interfaces may be expected, CLIs can be a powerful interface into an API, providing extensive and complex modes of consumption, interaction, and transformation. Today, we're going to discuss why it's worth the effort to make your CLI intuitive. []

The right way to turn off your old APIs
All things come to an end, even HTTP APIs. However great your API may be today, one day you'll want to release a completely new version, an improved but incompatible endpoint, a new parameter that solves the same problem better, or to shut down your API entirely. []

The many faces of loose coupling
The use of coupling in the physical world is connecting two shafts to transmit torque. Coupling can be rigid or flexible. Gears can be used to exchange torque for speed. A clutch in your vehicle with manual transmission allows slippage between the main shaft and the gearbox to allow force to gradually build up not to halt the engine, and to synchronize the gears during shifting. by Pal Konyves []

How to deploy a Flask API in Kubernetes and connect it with other micro-services
Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration tool that automates deployment and management of containers. If you have a simple lightweight application that exists of one service, don't bother using Kubernetes. Kubernetes' benefits emerge if your application has a micro-service architecture with several components working together. by Rik Kraan []

Did APIs Play a Role in the Exfiltration of Personal Data From After the Riot in Washington, DC?
In the aftermath of the riots in Washington, DC several posts went viral alleging that APIs played a role in the potentially private content including text, images, and video that were exfiltrated from We took a deep dive into these allegations in order to set the record straight. []

Exploiting Application-Level Profile Semantics (APLS)
Application-Level Profile Semantics (APLS) from Spring may be unknown for you, as it was for me until a few days ago when I found an APLS definition exposed on a web application. I almost missed those Critical bugs. []

Introducing Postman Desktop App's New User Interface
Despite all its challenges, last year was a remarkable one for Postman. []
The Business of APIs
The Bezos API Mandate: Amazon's Manifesto For Externalization
In 2002, according to tech legend, a mandate was issued by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. This mandate would serve to form the backbone of Amazon in the modern web space, informing both the API development paradigm in the corporate mindset and a general improved approach to externalizing API functions. []

No-Code App Development is Essential for Digital Transformation
Jennifer Cadence, a product marketing manager at Google, recently published an account of the state of no-code app development. In her post, Cadence breaks down why no-code platforms have become an essential part of digital transformation. She suggests that speed and agility, productivity and collaboration, and governance and security are the critical factors for these platforms' importance. []

How to get the most out of your APIs with the right API business model
In today's business environment, with customer expectations changing at an unprecedented rate, more and more organizations are expanding their digital ecosystems to extend their reach to new customers and create more connected customer experiences. []

(Un)Related Topics
Simplify code generation with React
React permanently changed the way how developers write web-apps. Personally, we love React and knew it would solve many pain points we faced with Nunjucks. Therefore in the last cycle we integrated it as a template rendering engine into our Generator. []

r2c blog - Four levels of maturity that bridge the AppSec / engineering divide
I've spent a good deal of my career with my feet in two different worlds. I came up as a web developer and helped create a popular web framework (Django). And I've spent a sizable chunk of my career working in information security. Unfortunately, I've seen these two roles clash far too often. []

The FCC and States Must Ban Digital Redlining
The rollout of fiber broadband will never make it to many communities in the US. That's because large, national ISPs are currently laying fiber primarily focused on high-income users to the detriment of the rest of their users. The absence of regulators has created a situation where wealthy end... by Ernesto Falcon []

AWS, as predicted, is forking Elasticsearch
When Elastic, makers of the open-source search and analytic engine Elasticsearch, went after Amazon Web Services' (AWS) by changing its license from the open-source Apache 2.0-license ALv2) to the non-open-source friendly Server Side Public License (SSPL), I predicted " we'd soon see AWS-sponsored Elasticsearch and Kibana forks." by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols []

Useful Resources
Upcoming Net API Events
A list of upcoming Net API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

API Security Events
A list of upcoming API security events from

Tyk Whitepaper: Approaching your API Strategy
As well as writing for the James Higginbotham is an Executive API Consultant with experience in API strategy and software architecture. James guides enterprises through their digital transformation journey to deliver a great customer experience and provides training in API and microservice design. []

Book: A Practical Approach to API Design by Casey and Higginbotham
If you read the tech press, everyone knows they need an API but most aren't really sure what it is. They treat it as another checkbox like "Web 2.0" was a few years ago or a mobile app was most recently. In fact, there’s an entire “API-first” movement in development circles that most people don’t understand or even realize why. In this book, we'll start by discussing the what an API is, why you might need one, and follow up with the how to build one. []

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