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Feb 6, 2020 - Issue #294
This week's articles include a couple of podcast interviews, one with me on Cloudcast and another with Mike Amundsen on API Tech Trends by Mulesoft. Arnaud (@apihandyman) has released part 2 of his JQ command line series. Also covered is how to use OpenAPI (f/k/a Swagger) in .NET Core 3+. Finally, monoliths are the future again (finally), so we have a written excerpt from Kelsey Hightower's interview with the Changelog's Go Time podcast in our (Un)Related section. Happy reading! -- James
Hot Topics
API Look Ahead for 2020
A chat with James Higginbotham, API Architect and founder of LaunchAny, on frameworks for evaluating API usage, developer perspectives on APIs, versioning APIs and some thoughts on new trends in API usage. by Brian Gracely []

API Podcast Episode 1 - API Tech Trends in 2020 by MuleSoft
In this episode, Mike Amundsen and Matt McLarty discuss the technology trends they see emerging in 2020, from API descriptions and definitions to event-based interactions and GraphQL. by MuleSoft []

Part 2 - Using JQ command line arguments, functions and modules
Ever wanted to quickly find, extract or modify data coming from some JSON documents on the command line? JQ is the tool you're looking for. In the previous part of this JQ and OpenAPI Series, we learned to invoke JQ and how to extract data from JSON documents using some of its many filters. by Arnaud Lauret []

US Court of Appeals Irreparably Damages API Economy
After a lower court ruled that HiQ was within its rights to circumvent LinkedIn's API program by "scraping" LinkedIn's Web pages, a US Court of Appeals upheld the ruling and paved the way for irreparable harm to the API economy. What this means for the future of the API economy remains to be seen. []

Using Swagger In .NET Core 3+ - .NET Core Tutorials
Are there new .NET Core API projects that don't use Swagger? It's one of the first things I install on a new project and even if I end up testing an API with something like Postman, the fact that I can quickly show a GUI to run any API endpoints for testers, other devs, hell ... by Wade []

Discontinuing support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints
We have invested heavily in our API and service infrastructure to improve performance and security and to add features developers need to build world-class APIs. As we make changes we must address features that are no longer compatible with the latest architecture and business requirements. []

The Business of APIs
An Introduction to Setting KPIs for Your API Strategy
If you work at an established enterprise, chances are you've already heard of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. These objective metrics offer stakeholders an effective way to measure the success of business initiatives, and now they're working their way into the world of APIs. by Thomas Bush []

OGC announces the creation of new Environmental Data Retrieval API Standards Working Group
The new Working Group will create stable, standardized, service APIs based on simple data retrieval patterns, which will improve access to environmental data and information. 9 January 2020: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) today announced the formation of the Environmental Data Retrieval API Standards Working Group (SWG). []
(Un)Related Topics
Monoliths are the future
Unpopular opinion! Monoliths are the future because the problem people are trying to solve with microservices doesn't really line up with reality. Just to be honest - and I've done this before, gone from microservices to monoliths and back again. Both directions. []

Experience Using Event Streams, Kafka and the Confluent Platform at Deutsche Bahn
To provide trip information to their rail passengers, Deutsche Bahn (DB) has created the RI-Plattform (Passenger Information Application) based on Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams with a plan to feed all information channels through the system. In a blog post, Axel Löhn and Uwe Eisele describe the microservices based design, how they build and run the system, and their experience from production. []

Useful Resources
Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

API Security Events
A list of upcoming API security events from

Tyk Whitepaper: Approaching your API Strategy
As well as writing for the James Higginbotham is an Executive API Consultant with experience in API strategy and software architecture. James guides enterprises through their digital transformation journey to deliver a great customer experience and provides training in API and microservice design. []

Book: A Practical Approach to API Design by Casey and Higginbotham
If you read the tech press, everyone knows they need an API but most aren't really sure what it is. They treat it as another checkbox like "Web 2.0" was a few years ago or a mobile app was most recently. In fact, there’s an entire “API-first” movement in development circles that most people don’t understand or even realize why. In this book, we'll start by discussing the what an API is, why you might need one, and follow up with the how to build one. []

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