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June 13, 2019 - Issue #266
This week's articles focus on protecting your APIs (including GraphQL-based APIs), some insights on what is working (and what isn't) for GraphQL, and a look at HAL+JSON embedding. Finally, the API Evangelist is back - welcome back, Kin! Enjoy! -- James
Hot Topics
You Can't Secure What You Can't See: Protecting APIs
by Joel D'sa and Michael Endler []

Hacking GraphQL APIs
GraphQL is a data query language developed by Facebook and was released in 2015. GraphQL acts as an alternative to REST API. Rest APIs require the client to send multiple requests to different endpoints on the API to query data from the backend database. by ghostlulz []

API Evangelist Is Open For Business
I won't be producing the number of stories I used to. I'll only be writing about things I actually find interesting, and will explore other models for generating content, traffic, and revenue. []

A year of large scale GraphQL - the biggest takeaways
GraphQL has been around for quite a while now, and it has been a hot topic as a possible candidate for the next generation of data fetching. I have been working with large scale GraphQL for over a year now, mainly for the nordic subcription video on demand (SVOD) service C More. by Peter Nycander []

The state of GraphQL by Reddit | GraphQL Blog: Learning GraphQL, Tutorials, Examples, Tools
June 10, 2019 by Robert There's a lot of hype on GraphQL and debate to compare it to REST. GraphQL is in the early stage of adoption globally and no one exactly knows where it will end. Researching on the internet, I was able to find many positive articles presenting this new piece of tech. []

Artificial Intelligence Based API Security with WSO2 and PingIntelligence for APIs
APIs power digital transformation. They are invaluable for any organization's employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to gain access to applications, data, and business functionality across the enterprise. As it's a critical component in any large enterprise, many of them have built internal and external API strategies within their organizations. []

Explanation of HAL+JSON embedding
Explanation of HAL+JSON embedding. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. by zdne []

What Is an API Gateway?
If you're not an API practitioner, you may not be too comfortable with the idea of an API gateway. Following up on our recent article What Is the Difference Between APIs and Microservices? , we wanted to demystify another daunting API topic for the less technically oriented audience. by Thomas Bush []

DX Should Be a Priority, Reveals State of API Report 2019 | Nordic APIs |
As we make the shift towards treating APIs more like bonafide products, Developer Experience (DX) is only becoming a more prominent topic. Over the last few years, you've probably noticed a growing amount of literature, tooling, and discussion on the subject of DX. by Thomas Bush []
The Business of APIs
Better APIs Come From Adopting a Healthy Lifecycle | The TIBCO Blog
The sighs of relief that come from successfully launching a new API program can be quickly drowned out by concerns over its continued performance, rates of adoption by developers, and concerns about the security of your data. by Rob Zazueta []

Microsoft's M12 leads $25 million investment in API marketplace RapidAPI
RapidAPI, a developer-focused marketplace for discovering and connecting with application programming interfaces (APIs), has raised $25 million in a series B round of funding led by Microsoft's venture capital arm M12, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Green Bay Capital, and DNS Capital. by Paul Sawers []

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate - Training & Certifications
The new CCNA program prepares you for today's associate-level job roles in IT technologies and new opportunities to leverage automation and programmability. []

Salesforce to Acquire Tableau: Why Now and What's the Path Forward?
Salesforce $15.7 billion mega acquisition will add revenue and blunt a Microsoft competitive threat, but long-term benefits will depend on deeper integration and additive innovation. Salesforce is spinning its mega acquisition of Tableau Software as the number-one CRM vendor buying the number-one business intelligence (BI) and analytics vendor. []

(Un)Related Topics
Service Mesh is Not a Product, it's a Design Pattern - Container Journal
Istio is having a moment. Already on the rise, search interest in the open source service mesh soared after last August's release of Istio version 1.0. For now, Istio is the king of service mesh, and for many, it defines what a service mesh is: a product for managing traffic between microservices. by Ranga Rajagopalan []

How Unprofitable Companies IPO - Caseysoftware
Disclaimer: In this post, I describe business models of tech companies where I hold positions. Don't use this to draw conclusions about any specific company or rationalize any particular investment. Follow your own investment strategy, not some knucklehead with a blog. In the last few years, we've seen a variety of major tech companies go ... []

On Sizing Your Engineering Organizations
One of the most frequent conversations I have with teams is how to think about organization size. Or rather we have a conversation that goes something like, "We need to double/triple/quadruple our engineering team next year, and now we need to hire a leader who has done it before." by Kellan Elliott-McCrea []

Micro Frontends
Cam Jackson Cam Jackson is a full-stack web developer and consultant at ThoughtWorks, with a particular interest in how large organisations scale their frontend development process and practices. He has worked with clients across multiple industries and countries, helping them to deliver web applications more efficiently and effectively. by Cam Jackson []

Microsoft Showcases Fluid Framework, a Web-Based Platform for Collaborative Document Creation
Microsoft recently announced its new Fluid Framework at its annual Build developers conference. Fluid Framework is a developer platform designed to let developers build highly-collaborative, interactive services and applications on the web. In its opening keynote at Build 2019, Microsoft presented and offered real-time demos of its new Fluid Framework. []
Useful Resources
Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

Tyk Whitepaper: Approaching your API Strategy
As well as writing for the James Higginbotham is an Executive API Consultant with experience in API strategy and software architecture. James guides enterprises through their digital transformation journey to deliver a great customer experience and provides training in API and microservice design. []

Book: A Practical Approach to API Design by Casey and Higginbotham
If you read the tech press, everyone knows they need an API but most aren't really sure what it is. They treat it as another checkbox like "Web 2.0" was a few years ago or a mobile app was most recently. In fact, there’s an entire “API-first” movement in development circles that most people don’t understand or even realize why. In this book, we'll start by discussing the what an API is, why you might need one, and follow up with the how to build one. []

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