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Nov 3, 2022 - Issue #430
This week, we have a great article on how we should be writing documentation like we develop code. We also look at Fielding's REST, how to evolve your API without versioning, and structured error messages that are machine-readable and human-friendly. We also look at the top 25 API onboarding experiences and how to go API first. 

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Hot Topics
Write documentation like you develop code
Many engineers and craftspeople are particular about their tools. To do a job well, you need the best tools and the skills to use them. The best tools in software development can be very powerful when applied to other kinds of digital creation. The Docs as Code approach is a great example. []

Fielding's REST
As early as 1998, Roy T. Fielding made a presentation at Microsoft explaining his concept of Representational State Transfer (or REST as it is now known). by Mike Amundsen []

API Evolution without Versioning: Brandon Byars at QCon San Francisco 2022
At QCon San Francisco 2022, Brandon Byars, North America head of technology at ThoughtWorks, presented his journey of API Evolution without Versioning, in particular, evolution patterns from examples from his 9-year-long project mountebank. The talk is part of the editorial track, Modern APIs: Building and Evolving. []

Structured error messages for HTTP APIs
HTTP status codes were specified for human-to-machine interactions via browsers, not for machine-to-machine interactions via APIs. Hence, selecting a status code that maps one-to-one to the use case is rarely straightforward. []

How we built the Tinder API Gateway
Authored by: Tinder API Gateway (TAG) is one of the critical frameworks at Tinder that solves the need of exposing public APIs and enforcing strict authorization and security rules. It's engineered to meet Tinder's custom need to fit perfectly in its current cloud infrastructure, and can be scaled as required and maintained without any external support. by Tinder []

Top 25 API Onboarding Experiences
Effective technical onboarding gives new users the tools and knowledge to be successful. In this post, we'll look at 25 examples of resources that were developed to onboard new users to public APIs. by Smit Patel, Abhinav Asthana, John Kilgore []

What We Learned from Enabling Developer Self-Service
Let's simplify the developer experience and scale DevOps workflows without compromising the security of multi-Kubernetes environments. []
Business of APIs
Engineering an API-First Product: Troy Goode at QCon SF 2022
Troy Goode, founder and CEO at Courier, and a member of the ExpressJS core team, shared his experiences and insights on Engineering an API-first Product at QCon San Francisco 2022. []

What It Means to Go API-First
API-first is no passing fad. Undoubtedly, the API-first approach is on the rise, as more companies attempt to reap the reusability, self-service nature, and network effect of API-based software consumption models. But what exactly is API-first? And what does API-first development entail? We can think of API-first from two perspectives: the technical side and the business side. by Bill Doerrfeld []

Open API maturity is slowing due to a lack of industry standardisation
Banks are realising that open banking will be important to how customers interact digitally and need to approach APIs as a new customer channel. []

6 Ways Financial APIs Benefit Consumers
Over the last decade, financial APIs have helped businesses connect third-party services with financial institutions and greatly revolutionized the financial services market. APIs have catalyzed new fintech innovations, given financial institutions opportunities to create new products and boost their revenue, and changed how today's tech-savvy consumers interact with their finances. by Nahla Davies []

Talking Business About APIs: Gregory La Blanc About Digital Transformation
What's the main value of APIs? It's not so much in their technical details but mostly in their ability to be the underpinning of a well-structured digitalized organization. The value of APIs is mostly realized when they are aligned with how an organization is structured and when that structure is optimized to be an effective and changeable organization in times of constant digital transformation. by Erik Wilde []

Problem Discovery Leads to Product Discovery
Problem Discovery and Product Discovery are discrete. Discover the right problem to solve and discover the right solution to the problem. []

Devs: It's Time to Consider IPFS as an Alternative to HTTP
It isn't just about Web3. The decentralization built into IPFS is available to anyone and could change the way web apps are built and scaled. []

Tim Berners-Lee: Screw Web3 - my decentralized web has no blockchain
Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants to rescue his creation from centralization. But does he align himself with Web3's promise of salvation? At TNW Conference, the computer scientist gave a one-word answer: "Nope." That snub may seem to clash with Berners-Lee's recent actions. The 67-year-old now campaigns to save his "dysfunctional" brainchild from the clutches of Big Tech. by Thomas Macaulay []

Low-code and no-code are making developers' jobs better in two ways
Low-code and no-code development is often seen as the realm of citizen developers, but the segment of the enterprise where low-code and no-code has gained significant traction is among professional developers themselves. And, importantly, it's making their jobs better in two ways: providing tools for faster software development and deployment, as well as elevating their roles in enterprises to that of teachers and facilitators for potential citizen developers. []

PurpleUrchin: GitHub Actions Hijacked for Crypto Mining
The Sysdig Threat Research Team has discovered PurpleUrchin, an extensive crypto mining operation that takes advantage of CI/CD service accounts. Attackers have used over a million free serverless function calls, such as GitHub Actions, to run the operation. []

Exclusive: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show
Oct 25 (Reuters) - "Is Twitter dying?" billionaire Elon Musk mused in April, five days before offering to buy the social media platform. The reality, according to internal Twitter (TWTR.N) research seen by Reuters, goes far beyond the handful of examples of celebrities ghosting their own accounts. by Sheila Dang []
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