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Sept 20, 2018 - Issue #230
Hot Topics
The Evolution of API Documentation at Stoplight
API documentation is one of the most undervalued assets of a technology company. Most tech companies sell access to APIs that allow customers to retrieve information or use services. Revenue is then... by Chris Lott []

Emulators as an Emerging Best Practice for API Providers
Modern software leverage a lot of external APIs, which raises several issues: how can development teams safely build and test their software when some componen... by Stève Sfartz []

Building Fintech with Microservices and Kubernetes @ API World 2018
Building Fintech with Microservices and Kubernetes by Irakli Nadareishvili []

Understanding The Event-Driven API Infrastructure Opportunity That Exists Across The API Landscape
At this point in most API providers journey, they are successfully operating a full suite of event-driven solutions that can be tapped internally, and externally with partners, and other 3rd party developers. They probably are already investing in Kafka, and other Apache projects, an getting more sophisticated with their event-driven API orchestration. by Kin Lane []

Twitter Announces Immediate Changes to Image Access through Twitter's Direct Message API
With no prior warning, Twitter has changed how apps can access images sent through Twitter's Direct Message API. Twitter was unable to give prior notice for security purposes, but the changes are in effect. Twitter encourages developers who access images through the API to check their integration. []

The Secure Cloud API
Melinda's organization has purchased a cloud-based storage system. Like any such system, it has a lovely API which lets you manage quotas and login tokens. It also had a lovely CLI, which was helpful for administrators to modify the cloud environment. by Remy Porter []

Building microservices for Telegram bot using Node.js, RabbitMQ, MongoDB and Docker from scratch.
Last week I felt an inspiration to write a weekend project, but I had no idea what to create. So I asked my best friend for help. Luckily she is clever than me, so I got a blazing fast solution: "Can... by Denis Malykhin []

When HTML Can Be Better Than JSON - Fagner Brack - Medium
Start looking at the Web as a network of computers, not a network of browsers It all starts like this: Create a ".html" file and open in a browser. Play around with Javascript to build some interactivity. Later, grab a framework and return some data from a server in a custom JSON structure. by Fagner Brack []

Caches Are Key to Scaling - Capital One DevExchange - Medium
Choosing the correct cache technology for... profit As data and applications continue to get larger and faster, sometimes we need to make the data readily available. Depending on the need, we may store, or cache, that data in different ways. by Chris Fauerbach []

First Public Working Drafts of JSON-LD 1.1
JSON Linked Data (JSON-LD) is a way how plain JSON can be interpreted as RDF triples. JSON-LD 1.0 was standardized in 2014, and its use has been rising steadily. Today, W3C published three first public working drafts of JSON-LD 1.1. []

Sadly Stack Exchange Blocks API Calls Being Made From Any Of Amazon's IP Block
I thought my Stack Exchange API OAuth flow had been working, it's been up for a few months, and I seem to remember authenticating against it before, but this weekend I began getting an error that my IP address was blocked. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Announcing Kong 1.0
Nearly four years ago, we open-sourced Kong and made it available to the world. Since then, Kong has been downloaded over 45 million times, been deployed in production at some of the largest companies and government agencies worldwide and attracted 110 open source contributors. by Kong []

Healthcare APIs weave into common lingo of federal officials
beawolf - Fotolia Has there ever been a time when the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mentioned the term API in a policy speech? CMS administrator Seema Verma told attendees at March's Healthcare Information Management Systems Society 2018 conference, "We need more clinical and payment data being sent to APIs." []

APIs in The Shipping & Maritime Industry
The marvels of technology (APIs, Big Data, Cloud Computing and more) continue to penetrate into each and every aspect of our lives. Whether it be work, life at home, entertainment, or how we do just about anything, all of it has completely changed from what it was one or two decades ago. by Michael Petychakis []

(Un)Related Topics
Software disenchantment
Everything is going to hell and nobody seems to care []

Deliver critical transactional push notifications with Pusher Beams
We're excited to announce that Pusher Beams is out of beta and generally available for your production apps! Beams is a hosted push notifications API designed for developers who need critical transactional information delivered every time. We're proud that over 10,000 developers all around the world are using it to send critical transactional notifications. by Madalina Grigorie []

Security's Shift Right - Signal Sciences Labs - Medium
Software development has gotten tricky. If you have been in the DevOps game in the past few years, then you have noticed a drum beat of "shift left" echoing across your brainpan. You can't escape it - it's at conferences, in blogs, and on numerous podcasts. We know now to write tests before writing code - boom, we shifted left! by James Wickett []

The Observability Pipeline
The rise of cloud and containers has led to systems that are much more distributed and dynamic in nature. Highly elastic microservice and serverless architectures mean containers spin up on demand and scale to zero when that demand goes away. In this world, servers are very much cattle, not pets. by Tyler Treat []
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