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Feb 10, 2022 - Issue #393
We have a great collection of articles this week, including The Importance of API Security, The Anatomy of a GraphQL Request, and GraphQL authorization patterns. Also, API Handyman celebrates 7 years since his blog launch, I interview Vaughn Vernon on his new book, "Strategic Monoliths & Microservices". Plus, lessons on API design from the MIDI specification, a look at Microservice API Patterns (MAP), and a deep dive into what it takes to design an API for Google's BigQuery service.  

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Hot Topics
The Importance of API Security Testing
API security and testing are critical parts of any company's IT and development strategy. By securing your APIs, you can protect your data and ensure that only authorized users have access to your systems. API security testing is essential for identifying vulnerabilities in your system and ensuring that your APIs ... by by Editorial Staff on February 3, 2022 []

The Anatomy of a GraphQL Request
On a high-level, GraphQL servers are pretty easy to set up. Just passing a GraphQL schema and starting the server does the job. However, for many use-cases, such a setup might not be sufficient. Let's dive into each of the phases of a GraphQL request and learn how enhancing each phase can help to set up a production ready GraphQL server. []

Authorization Patterns in GraphQL
One of the fun parts of working at a developer-focused company like Oso as an engineer is helping customers with their authorization problems via our Slack, Github, Engineer 1x1s and other forums. In these scenarios I often get questions about what authorization best practices customers should follow with GraphQL. []

How to Build an API-Driven Weather App
Here at Nordic APIs, we strive to post content for API users at every experience level. We cover plenty of expert-level industry analysis, but sometimes it's important to check in with new API users, so you can see how APIs can empower your programming in practice. []

Microservice API Patterns: A Language for API Design
Many APIs share functional and design elements that in the end must be incorporated into the technical design. But much earlier than that, in many cases it a... []

7 years being the API Handyman, the age of reason?
This time, no "API blah blah blah", this time, it's personal. February 2022 marks a major landmark, I can't believe I launched the API Handyman blog 7 years ago! Being 7 years old is supposed to mark the "age of reason". Did I reached it? by Arnaud Lauret []

Strategic Monoliths & Microservices: Interview with Vaughn Vernon * GOTO 2022
This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. []
The Business of APIs
How Do You Treat an API as a Product?
The API-as-a-Product strategy is gaining traction among developers who seek to expose their API to the outside world. With a suitable business logic layer around a service, productizing your API can be a relatively straightforward method to monetize your functionality and data on a per-call basis. []

Creating an API-First Culture and Company, Part 2
This blog is part of a 4-part series. Creating an API-First Culture and Company, Part 1 Creating an API-First Culture and Company, Part 2 (this post) Manage Your APIs Like a Four-Star Restaurant (coming soon) How Platform Teams Should Think About APIs (coming soon) In our first article, we showed how organizations can lay the... by Karthik Krishnaswamy, Ken Seier, Ram Iyengar []

TikTok's Creator Marketplace API Opens Up First-Party Data
The soft rollout of the new feature will allow select marketing partners to integrate more directly with TikTok's Creator Marketplace, which serves as the social app's in-house influencer marketing platform and hub. The four marketing companies given early access are Influential , and . []

Enterprise API Marketplace - Beyond Developer Portals
APIs are everywhere and the API economy is growing exponentially. APIs have become a critical component of every enterprise across various industries. []
Learning from MIDI
35 years ago, I ran into the standard that showed me that devices from different manufacturers should be able to communicate with and even control each other. MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, made its debut in 1983. []

A Kubernetes Documentary Tells Google's Open Source Story
It's one of the great open source success stories - and it's been condensed into a brief oral history., which touts itself as Europe's largest tech-focused job platform, also offers a site of programmer-focused videos that it likes to call "Netflix for developers." Last week, the company released "Kubernetes: the Documentary," an hour-long documentary... by David Cassel, B. Cameron Gain []

Goodbye Jenkins: How Drone Simplifies CI/CD for Engineering Teams Everywhere
What does it take to create a winning software company? The ability to deliver valuable software, and deliver it fast. How can we guarantee this high-speed service? A Continuous Delivery (CD) process, supported by a perfected Continuous Integration (CI) mechanism to provide flawless delivery, especially when components of a platform increase in numbers and dependencies. by BOOM []

BigQuery Write API explained: An overview of the Write API
Before the BigQuery Write API, there were two ways to ingest data into BigQuery: via a BigQuery Load job or the legacy Streaming API. BigQuery Load jobs are primarily suited for batch-only workloads that ingest data from Google Cloud Storage into BigQuery. []

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