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Aug 25, 2022 - Issue #420
This week, we have some analysis by Loraine Lawson based upon the 2022 Postman State of the API Report that was just released. In this analysis, Loraine calls out the lack of API design skills as a key problem for many organizations. We also have a look at how to approach technical writing as a software developer, perhaps when technical writers are currently not available. We also have a look at GraphQL bombs that provide a reminder of zip bombs, and code-first vs. schema-first with GraphQL. Plus, a look at event-driven architecture and how you might want to rethink your approach to event payload design.  

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Hot Topics
State of the API: Lack of API Design Skills a Key Problem
A lack of API design skills is one of the top obstacles to producing APIs this year, according to a recent report by Postman, an API platform. More than 37,000 developers and API professionals were surveyed for the report, released Thursday. by Loraine Lawson []

A Software Developer's Guide to Technical Writing
The Economist once ran an advert asking for an article of scientific journalism to compete for an internship spot on its team. The company specifically said that it would rather have a scientist who could write than a journalist who knew some science. by David Eastman []

Postman's 2022 State of the API Report Finds APIs Dominate Software Development
Postman has released the results of its 2022 State of the API Report, the largest and most comprehensive annual study of APIs in the world. It surveyed more than 37,000 developers and API professionals on a range of topics, including their organizations' priorities, how they get their work done, and where they see the industry going. []

4 Examples of RESTful API Pagination in Production
Pagination can seem daunting to many developers. Perhaps it's because the name is evocative of something much more complex than it actually is. But once you understand how pagination works and how to implement it, it can grant wonderful utility to almost any API. Below, we'll look at some concrete examples of pagination in production. by Kristopher Sandoval []

Forging GraphQL Bombs, the 2022 version of Zip Bombs
Zip Bombs are a thing of the past, but the concept behind them is still relevant nowadays. Indeed, your GraphQL application might be vulnerable to what we'll call GraphQL Bombs in this article. Read on to know if you're vulnerable and how to secure your GraphQL application! How do zip []

GraphQL for Beginners: Schema-first vs Code-first
GraphQL has become a revolutionary scheme in the API world. As a solution to data fetching more efficiently, the first question you will need to ask yourself when building a GraphQL API is: schema-first... by Victoria Lo []

Use Microsoft Graph delta approach to increase performance getting SharePoint list items
Here I want to give another reason to use Microsoft Graph instead of SharePoint Rest Api. One reason that is exclusive to Microsoft Graph: Use the delta approach from Microsoft Graph to increase performance, now available for SharePoint List Items as well. That is, retrieving only items that changed since last time the call was... by mmsharepoint []

Command-Line interface for the jsonpath-plus library. The jpp command enables running the jsonpath-plus library against files from the command line. JSONPath searches return a JSON array which jpp outputs. The --pretty option pretty-prints the output. Additional command line options can be found below. []

‎GOTO - Today, Tomorrow and the Future: Principles of Web API Design * James Higginbotham & Mike Amundsen on Apple Podcasts
This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. Read the full transcription of the interview here James Higginbotham - Author of "Principles of Web API Design" and Executive API Consultant at LaunchAny Mike Amundsen - Author of "Design and Build Great Web APIs" and (Co-)A... []

The Difference Between API Keys and API Tokens
API keys and API tokens are often discussed as synonyms, but in practice, they are very different. Below, we'll see how these two technologies differ and consider where they are best used. An API key is a simple yet powerful string of text. by Kristopher Sandoval []

Webhooks are the foundation of modern API development. They enable us to react to changes in our systems, an incoming text message, a successful payment, or that latest pull request no matter our stack. While webhooks are universal in concept, they are unstandardized API contracts with few organizations paying attention to their design, security controls, and overall operational experience. []

ICYMI: ngrok weekly demo + Q&A
Eventbrite - ngrok weekly demo + Q&A - Thursday, August 18, 2022 | Thursday, September 8, 2022 - Find event and ticket information. []

Business of APIs
Digital transformation with an API-First approach in finance
Digital transformation impacts businesses in many industries and drives technological advancements to maximise efficiency beyond what we thought was possible even five years ago. Furthermore, digital transformation in finance is accelerating, driving improvements in business processes and customer experiences, aligning them with evolving markets and businesses. []

Designing APIs for the API economy is different - here is how
Most API providers spend a lot of time on the technical side of API design and implementation. They create a taxonomy for their domain, pick an architectural style, design the resources, create an OpenAPI specification, devise an API style guide and enforce technical governance of their APIs. by Matthias Biehl []

USAA and Human API collaborate on new life insurance shopping experience - Insurance News
USAA Life Insurance Company has announced that it will be partnering with Human API to take its next step forward in the experience it provides consumers seeking coverage. The new collaboration will bring together the USAA Life insurance experience with digital health data and the health data platform from Human API. by Nordstrom []

So You Think You Know Pub/Sub?
I have loved QCon and I've learned so much about what is hot in the industry, what's coming up next and what are people thinking/care about? Every time I go to QCon I learn about new things that I want to take back to my team. []

Putting your events on a diet
Anybody can write code that will work for a few weeks or months, but what happens when that code is no longer your daily focus and the cobwebs of time start to sneak in? What if it's someone else's code? How do you add new features when you need to relearn the entire codebase each time? []
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