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Nov 1, 2018 - Issue #236
Hot Topics
5 things you need to fix in your API documentation
It was a good thing there was a bar at the party after the first day of NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2018 in Stockholm. After token validation (the beer tickets were in text messages), I needed a bottle of beer. Ok, I was thirsty, too. I needed the bottle to demonstrate my point to Ted Epstein on... []

Workflows for the New Developer Experience - The New Stack
Ready to improve your platform's developer experience? Here are the questions to ask in order to identify patterns and workflows to improve that experience. by Jennifer Riggins []

Okta API lead: how to secure the API economy
This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Keith Casey in his capacity as API problem solver (yes, real job title) at identity management specialist company Okta. ... []

GraphQL interfaces and unions - how to design GraphQL schema
In the GraphQL specification we are able to use two abstract types - interfaces and unions. In this article we will go through the use cases for abstract types and how we can implement them in our GraphQL schema. []

Not your Grandma's Postman
If you're new to Postman, now is the perfect time to get started. The growth of APIs right now is mind-bending. Organizations are using APIs to communicate internally between technical architectur... by View all posts by joyce []

My bad, API - Tibco digital platform lead defines a 'bad API' - CW Developer Network
An API is an API is an API, right? No, it's not that simple... and here's why. As we have explained before now, an Application Programming Interface is code that allows two other pieces of software ... []

Edge Gateway: Microgateway Blog Series, Part 2: Edge to Internal
I will be equating the roles and responsibilities of the Edge Gateway and the Microgateway to various events and happenings within Westeros. by David Mckenna []

gRPC-Web is going GA - Cloud Native Computing Foundation
On behalf of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, I'm excited to announce the GA release of gRPC-Web, a JavaScript client library that enables web apps to communicate directly with backend... by Luc Perkins []

3factor apps are fast to iterate on, resilient and highly scalable []

REST API Notes for 2018/10/29
Lordy, lordy. Yesterday folks woke to news that a behemoth largely regulated to history emerged from the deep, big blue ocean and consumed a megashark. Or IBM acquired Red Hat. The consolidation in th []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Quit Planning Ahead and Keeping People Busy - John Cutler - Medium
As product people, we need to work more on the mission and less on playing Tetris with teams and initiatives. To much planning ahead and chasing full utilization will undo your product. Your average... by John Cutler []

Turning Blue: IBM to Acquire Red Hat - The New Stack
In its bid to become the world's leading provider of open source cloud software, IBM announced Sunday it will acquire Red Hat in a deal valued at about $33.4 billion. Red Hat has been the model for how to make money with open source software by offering integrated services for enterprise Linux, partnerships such as its... by Susan Hall []

(Un)Related Topics
5 Reasons Not to Use Microservices
Are microservices always the right solution when it comes to software design? Probably not. Very few things in this world are always the 100% right solution, and microservices are no exception. In this post, we'll talk about when it is reasonable to consider using microservices in designing or redesigning your application, and when it might make sense to avoid using microservices. []

Flexible Client-side Caching - Keen
At Keen one of the things we're focusing on is decreasing "time to first insight" as we want to make [...] []

Redis 5.0 Released with New "Streams" Data Type
Redis recently announced version 5 of its popular database, 15 months after the release of Redis 4. Probably the most important feature of this version is the support for a new data type, Streams. Sorted set functionality has also improved and Redis modules have also been expanded, with the introduction of Clusters and Timers APIs. []

HDrive | Heroku Dev Center
Softtrends HDrive allows you to add cloud storage to your Heroku Applications using either Amazon S3, Azure Storage or both []

Ten Platform Commandments
On Monday I gave a talk at DOES18 called "All the World's a Platform", where I talked about a bunch of the lessons learned by using and abusing and running and building platforms at scale. I promised to do a blog post with the takeaways, so here they are. by mipsytipsy []

The Road to Micronaut 1.0: A JVM-Based Full-Stack Framework
A year in the making, the road to Micronaut 1.0 has accelerated within the past three weeks as Object Computing (OCI) has published release candidates RC1, RC2 and RC3. Micronaut is a full-stack JVM-based framework for creating microservice-based applications that can be written in Java, Groovy, and Kotlin. []
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