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API Developer Weekly

Sept 27, 2018 - Issue #231
Hot Topics
API Security in the Wild
Everybody has seen this headline multiple times. Most recently, it was T-Mobile, but in the last three years that has also been Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Air Canada, Panera, the IRS, and the most devastating of all, Equifax. Those are just the ones we know about. []

JSON Event Scheming
As far as I know, there are re­al­ly on­ly two ways to con­nect soft­ware to­geth­er: API calls (I send you a re­quest and wait for your re­spon­se) and events (I fire off a mes­sage and who­ev­er gets it does what­ev­er they're go­ing to do). []

Interview With GraphQL Co-Creator Lee Byron | Nordic APIs |
We recently sat down with GraphQL co-creator Lee Byron to learn about the history and future of GraphQL. Hope you enjoy! Ten years ago Lee Byron was a graphics engineer designing interactive news graphics at the New York Times when a friend approached him to join a small social media startup based in San Francisco, California. by James Scott []

5 reasons you shouldn't be using GraphQL - LogRocket
GraphQL is great, it allows you to work in a declarative style by enabling you to select only the information or operations that you need. However, just like any other tool, it's not a silver bullet. by Esteban Herrera []

Getting Started with Tyk Open Source API Gateway
In this video, we will be learning how to configure Tyk as a reverse proxy to the service. I will show you how to set up a docker network, start up Redis, and Tyk's Open Source API Gateway. Then configure the gateway to reverse proxy to by Ahmet Soormally []

Who Invented the API? | Nordic APIs |
What is an API? Who was the first to use one? Did anyone "invent" the API as we know it? These questions are foundational to computer programming and fundamental to the tech industry as a whole. While they are high-level, they certainly have some important legal implications as well, as we've seen in recent events. by Kristopher Sandoval []

REST API Notes for 2018/09/20
This has been a busy week! I've got Plenty of updates on tap in this email to clear out before APIStrat and APICity in subsequent weeks. But if you want to get things kicked off with some bounded-context humor, be sure to start with XKCD's comic on 'the Sandboxing Cycle'. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Mature API Providers are Investing in Event-Driven Architecture
We are at the Kong Summit in San Francisco this week speaking on how mature API providers are investing in event-driven architecture. We are pleased to be part of the lineup at the Kong Summit, learning more from the ecosystem, and working with our partners to deliver the solutions companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies are needing across the API life cycle. []

Building Our Documentation Site on Platform OS - Part 1: Information Architecture
We know how important good documentation is for the Platform OS community. This is why we started building our documentation site based on a strategy that ensures that our documentation will be your most trusted asset when working with Platform OS. This article series describes our process, with in-depth insights into our approach, decisions, and plans. []

Case Study: Gap Analysis for a Unified API -
In June of 2016, I was handed an interesting project: Creating a unified REST API that would tie together a bundle of Avalara's main products. Each of the component systems, on its own, had lots of customers and offered a ton of features and utility. The problem was that they started to feel stale. by Ted Spence []

When People Are the Perimeter, We Need a Zero Trust Approach to Security
Data is the new oil-an observation not lost on hackers. In a world of growing interconnectivity, our most valuable digital assets-including our digital identities-have never been so exposed. After all, attackers of the digital age now simply log in, using stolen credentials to gain access to protected documents and privileged information. []

StrongLoop - Announcing OASGraph - a GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs
At the same time, many enterprises and the community at large have invested in REST APIs and have a portfolio of APIs, which manage and provide access to many resources stored in variety of services, old and new alike. []

(Un)Related Topics
This Week in Spring (SpringOne Platform 2018 edition) - September 25th, 2018
It's been such a crazy SpringOne Platform 2018 and we literally just started! I don't even know where to begin! The show represents the convergence of the best and the brightest in the ecosystem. It's absolutely amazing all the people who want and love to be here. by Josh Long []

Microservices - Not a Silver Bullet - DZone Microservices
Let's see a typical conversation between business/customers with the tech team on the architecture front. This is what you hear from business/customers, and the tech team is going crazy because of this. It is really tough for the tech team to convince decision makers why they should not adopt microservices when the entire world is reaping the benefits. by Rahul Agarwal []

[Tutorial, Part 2] How to develop Go gRPC microservice with HTTP/REST endpoint, middleware...
This is the continuation of the Part 1. The result of previous part is gRPC service and client. This part is dedicated to how to add HTTP/REST endpoint to the gRPC service. You can find full source code for Part 2 here. To add HTTP/REST endpoint we are going to use cool grpc-gateway library. by Aleksandr Sokolovskii []
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