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Jan 10, 2019 - Issue #244
Hot Topics
It's Time For Every API to Have an OpenAPI Spec
In recent years, API specification/description formats have become more common and increasingly useful. These various formats, most notably OpenAPI, standardize the once-murky definition of an API. This standardization allowed the creation of a broad ecosystem of tooling for auto-generated testing and documentation, in addition to surfacing the fields and types of an expected API response. []

API Design Best Practices & Common Pitfalls | Apigee
The job of an API is to make the application developer as successful as possible. When crafting APIs, the primary design principle should be to maximize application developer productivity and promote adoption. So what are the design principles that help optimize developer productivity? []

GraphQL concepts I wish someone explained to me a year ago
The first in a 7-part series by Naresh Bhatia covering different aspects of GraphQL. []

Replicating The GitHub GraphQL API With Neo4j - Open GraphQL - Medium
GitHub recently added a download-all-of-your-GitHub-data feature that allows you to export all GitHub data related to your account (repositories, pull requests, commit comments, etc) as a series of JSON files. Github also has a comprehensive GraphQL API, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to try to replicate some of the functionality in the Github GraphQL API with my exported data and neo4j-graphql.js. by William Lyon []

GRPC on Node.js more simply
Yoshiyuki Kato Dec 23 '18When developing GRPC application on Node.js, we can use and @grpc/proto-loader . Though these nice packages provides unified APIs to build GRPC server and client, they are too primitive for me to use directly in my application code. I want more simplified API such as createServer and createClient. by Yoshiyuki Kato []

Balancing Client And Server Caching in Web Application Development | Nordic APIs |
Above all else, API communication is really a negotiation between the client and the server. Once we clear all the dust, this basic communication underlies every protocol, architecture, and approach. These negotiations are often complex, and deciding who has the responsibility for what aspect of this negotiated communication is an age-old conversation. by Kristopher Sandoval []
The Business of APIs
Key Lessons From 100 API Projects | Nordic APIs |
If you'd spent the last five years collaborating on over 100 enterprise API projects, what do you think the biggest takeaways might have been? At our 2018 Platform Summit, we had Frederic Pozzi, Vice President of Digital Sales at Axway answer this question - except there was no hypothetical element since he has spent the last five years working on over 100 enterprise API projects. by Thomas Bush []

Federate, Rebrand and Recharter Your API Center of Excellence to Enable an API Platform Team
API centers of excellence are meant to raise API maturity, but many fail to broadly impact the organization because they are too centralized. Therefore, application leaders must reimagine their API CoE as an API platform team that will promote API best practices and increase measurable API success. []

(Un)Related Topics
Two Ways to Get Started with Behavior-Driven Design - The New Stack
Sometimes in software development, we get so wrapped up in the tech of things that we lose track of what we're even talking about. Sometimes finding a common language that connects what devs are doing to the rest of the business is all it takes to take a product from interesting to customer-delighting. by Jennifer Riggins, B. Cameron Gain []

Microservice Architecture at Medium - Medium Engineering
The goal of microservice¹ architecture is to help engineering teams ship products faster, safer, and with higher quality. Decoupled services allow teams to iterate quickly and with minimal impact to the rest of the system. At Medium, our technical stack started with a monolithic Node.js app back in 2012. by Xiao Ma []

Microservices Messaging: Why REST Isn't Always the Best Choice
Microservices are a big business. Thanks to advances in container orchestration, multi-process applications development and sheer user demand, companies are edging away from traditional monolithic applications towards distributed, highly-available microservices. Breaking applications into smaller chunks reaps rewards in many guises. However, with this distribution there arises a new requirement: messaging for inter-service communication. by Lee Sylvester []

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding
When I ask people to picture a coder, they usually imagine someone like Mark Zuckerberg: a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in a feverish 72-hour programming jag-with the goal of getting insanely rich and, as they say, "changing the world." But this Silicon Valley stereotype isn't even geographically accurate. by Clive Thompson, Joi Ito, Gretchen McCulloch, Maryn McKenna, Susan Crawford, Antonio García Martínez []

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