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Oct 18, 2018 - Issue #234
Hot Topics
Twilio just spent $2 billion on a company that helps send mass emails
Twilio just spent $2 billion to buy SendGrid, a company that helps send mass emails, the company said Monday. Shares of Twilio fell more than 4 percent in extended trading after the announcement. SendGrid jumped about 15 percent. SendGrid offers companies a cloud-based service for sending emails at a large scale. by Sara Salinas []

Building Secure APIs
In my team at Okta, we're interviewing a number of non-customers to understand your perspective on APIs, the problem you're solving, and how you look at the world. This is *not* a sales pitch and any information shared with us will not be shared directly with our Sales team in any personally-identifiable way. []

REST vs. RPC: what problems are you trying to solve with your APIs?
A fairy ring is a naturally occurring circle of mushrooms that grows in forested areas or grassland. In folklore, fairy rings have magical properties and superstitious people carefully avoid disturbing them. There's an old joke about the farmer who was asked why he went to such lengths to avoid ploughing up fairy rings. []

Should I PUT or should I POST? (Darling you gotta let me know)
(yes, it doesn't rhyme however I couldn't resist the association) Selecting the proper methods (e.g. GET, POST, PUT, ...) to use when designing HTTP based APIS is typically a subject of much debate, and eventually some bike-shedding. In this post I briefly present the rules that I normally follow when faced with this design task. by pedrofelix []

8 Vital OAuth Flows and Powers | Nordic APIs |
Daniel Lindau of Curity provides an overview of important OAuth flows and abilities The API space requires authorization in order to secure data - this is a given in the modern era. Accordingly, implementing the correct authorization system is vitally important, perhaps even more important than the API it is meant to handle authorization for. by Daniel Lindau []

Learning Web API 2 With Entity Framework 6 Code First Migrations
In the last article of learning Entity Framework, we learned about the code-first approach and code-first migrations. In this article, we'll learn how to perform CRUD operations with ASP.NET Web API2 and Entity Framework. by Akhil Mittal []

Postman vs. Insomnia: Comparing the API Testing Tools
Are you familiar with API endpoint testing? If you're not, let me give you a quick definition before we go any further. API testing is a type of software testing that involves testing application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. - Wikipedia, API testing API endpoint testing is one of the most important things we do as web developers. by Paige Niedringhaus []

JSON-HAL and JSON-LD are pretty popular formats for desiging APIs. They both have their merits, but they aren't compatible with each other. However, with some additions, we can turn JSON-HAL into valid JSON-LD, without changing any of the original keys. []

Continuous API Management: Making the Right Decisions in an Evolving Landscape
It takes a lot of work to release an API, but unfortunately, that effort isn't always rewarded. Over-planning an API before it matures is a wasted investment, while under-planning can lead to disaster. This practical book provides maturity models for APIs and API landscapes to help you inve... []

draft-inadarei-api-health-check-02 - Health Check Response Format for HTTP APIs
Network Working Group I. Nadareishvili Internet-Draft October 14, 2018 Intended status: Informational Expires: April 17, 2019 Health Check Response Format for HTTP APIs draft-inadarei-api-health-check-02 Abstract This document proposes a service health check response format for HTTP APIs. Note to Readers *RFC EDITOR: please remove this section before publication* The issues list for this draft can be found at [ 1]. []

Conquering the Microservices Dependency Hell at Postman, with Postman (Part 1 - Introduction)
Early 2018: Workspaces release We shipped Workspaces earlier this year with Postman 6.0. Workspaces form the base of collaboration in Postman. They are the logical blocks that hold collections, environments, monitors, mock servers and integrations that can be shared with others. Shipping workspaces was a big achievement from an organisational perspective. by Ankit Sobti []

A collection of RFCs and other specifications, useful when designing and implementing HTTP APIs. []

REST API Notes for 2018/10/16
Hello and welcome to this latest edition of REST API Notes! After back-to-back conference weeks (APIStrat and API City) I took a week to focus on work-work. Sure enough, during that time the community continued to publish all sorts of notable things (not to mention some major financial exchanges happening). []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Stoplight v4.6.0 Release - Style Guides - Stoplight API Corner
Introducing OpenAPI Specification Style Guides and more []

Etsy's experiment with immutable documentation
Writing documentation is like trying to hit a moving target. The way a system works changes constantly, so as soon as you write a piece of documentation for it, it starts to get stale. And the systems that need docs the most are the ones being actively used and worked on, which are changing the fastest. by Paul-Jean Letourneau []

An Introduction to APIs for Product Managers
What is an API? That's a question that more and more folks are asking as APIs assume an increasingly important role in powering modern applications and infrastructure. []

(Un)Related Topics
Keep Calm and Authenticate: Why Adaptive is the Next Best Thing
This white paper will discuss the evolution of authentication mechanisms and the advantages and disadvantages of each, why we need a better mechanism to ensure great user experiences without compromising on security, and how adaptive authentication is a good solution. []

Developers have a love-hate relationship with code re-use. As in, we used to love it. We love our code and we want it to run everywhere and help everyone. We want to get faster with time by harnessing the work of our former selves. And yet, we come to hate it. by JessiTRON []

Micro-segmentation for Better Cloud Security
Micro-segmentation is an emerging practice that is quickly becoming a critical facet of cloud security. Its objective is not only to prevent compromise, but also to deal with what happens after compromise occurs. The purpose of micro-segmentation is to isolate applications and services from one another in order to prevent attackers from achieving their goals - even if they succeed in initially breaching the organization's IT defenses. by Tal Rom []
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