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Oct 4, 2018 - Issue #232
Hot Topics
REST APIs are not Databases - Thiago Marini - Medium
One of the common mistakes developers make regarding REST APIs is to treat them as databases. They're not! Visit any web framework documentation and at some point you'll bump into a magic way of mapping database CRUD operations of ORM models with REST API endpoints. by Thiago Marini []

Top 5 things to Remember When Adding a GraphQL Backend
GraphQL has come a long way since Facebook first announced this open-sourced spec in 2015 with a number of Fortune 500 companies now employing the technology. To smooth out your implementation of the GraphQL backend at your company, here are five things you need to keep in mind. []

How to Protect Cloud-Based APIs from Data Scrapers and Cloned Apps - September 26, 2018 - BrightTALK

JSON-LD: Building Meaningful Data APIs - via @codeship
Reading Time: 7 minutes Everybody loves JSON! However, JSON by itself is pretty meaningless. Well. It has meaning, but only to the original creator of that format. They can share that meaning via documentation, conversation, or usage, but those often exist in places far removed from the JSON document you're looking at. by Benjamin Young []

REST API Notes for 2018/10/01 - APIStrat Recap
Hello, and welcome to this special REST API Notes recap of the 2018 API Strategy and Practice (or #APIStrat) Conference! I last attended in 2016. That event ended on a strange, perhaps even bitter, note. The people behind the event had a series of challenges throughout the year; from family emergencies to business difficulties. []

Using Web Sequence Diagrams with your APIs
I've been working on a set of CLI tools to make designing, building, and documention APIs easier to do and a bit more repeatable/reliable over time. One of the tools I've been using lately is the Web Sequence Diagram (WSD) web app. []

Webhooks done right
Talking given at API Strategy & Practice Conference in Nashville in 2018 Thinking about a complete API strategy for your company could quickly become overwhelming. But you can divide and conquer. As starters, have you thought about your Webhook strategy? by Nicolas Grenié []

Your API description isn't worth the paper it's written on
Today's API description languages are great but they don't go far enough to stop you from breaking your API consumers. How should you decide what to do? by Gareth Jones []

Building Our Documentation Site on Platform OS - Part 2: Content Production and Layouts
Welcome to part 2 of our article series where we describe the process of building our documentation site from discovery to development, with in-depth insights into our approach, decisions, plans, and technical implementation. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Software AG Acquires to Accelerate Leadership in Hybrid and Cloud Integration
RESTON, Va.--()-- Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today announced the acquisition of, a San Francisco-based market-leading iPaaS company. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Nishant Patel, Neha Sampat and Matthew Baier, software vendor introduced its iPaaS offering, Flow™ in 2015. []

Making IT processes effective for the digital age
I have spent a lot of time in the #CIOChat discussing digital transformation. But can the IT organizational design and IT internal business processes impede digital transformation? Can IT, itself, become an obstacle to responding to the waves of digital disruption that are coming? This is the question that I recently asked CIOs. by Myles F. Suer []

Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail and What to Do About It - Dell Boomi
The continued shift to as-a-service business models in an increasingly globalized economy has generated a highly competitive world in which digital transformation (DX) efforts can and will fail without the right strategy. While technology may be at the heart of every DX project, IT modernization is not a magic wand for digital transformation. []

API Developer Outreach Research For The Department of Veterans Affairs
In preparing this report, we drew on nearly a decade's worth of our own API developer outreach expertise, as well as information obtained through interviews with seven different organizations. For each interview, we followed an interview script (see Appendix A) and took notes. []

Weather Underground API Retiring at the End of 2018
Weather Underground will retire its API at the end of 2018. Weather Underground was acquired by The Weather Company in 2012. The Weather Company was acquired by IBM in 2015. Now, IBM infrastructure is better suited to meet the enterprise-grade demands of the Weather Underground developer community. []

Confessions Of A Speed-ophile
Speed looks good. Speed gives adrenaline rush. []

(Un)Related Topics
SRE: The Biggest Lie Since Kanban
There is a lot of discussion lately about how SRE fits into or competes with or whatever-s with DevOps. I'm scheduled to speak on a "SRE vs DevOps Smackdown" panel today here at Innotech Austin, and at the exact same time I see Bridget tweeting Liz Fong-Jones' slides from Velocity on using SRE to implement... by Ernest Mueller []

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web
Last week, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, asked me to come and see a project he has been working on almost as long as the web itself. It's a crisp autumn day in Boston, where Berners-Lee works out of an office above a boxing gym. []

Developers I encounter usually have a good grasp of coupling-not only what it means, but why it's a problem. I can't say the same thing about cohesion. One of the sharpest developers I know sometimes has problems with the concept, and once told me something like "that word doesn't mean much to me." by Glenn Vanderburg []

Microservices in a Post-Kubernetes Era
The microservice architecture is still the most popular architectural style for distributed systems. But Kubernetes and the cloud native movement have redefined certain aspects of application design and development at scale. Modern developers must be fluent in a programming language to implement the business functionality, and equally fluent in cloud native technologies. []

Baking Compliance in your CI/CD Pipeline - The New Stack
Twistlock sponsored this post. When DevOps engineers talk about Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), compliance is not often a major part of the conversation - but it should be for any organization that wants to stay ahead of compliance challenges. Just like everything else in a CI/CD pipeline, compliance should be continual, and it should be ... by Scott Fitzpatrick []

Buoyant Overhauls Linkerd, Moves to a Simpler Service Mesh Model - The New Stack
Buoyant has completed a total overhaul of its Linkerd service mesh, replacing much of the code base with its previously next-generation service mesh project, Conduit. The Conduit codebase is lighter and speedier than the Java-based Linkerd, and is more tightly integrated with the Kubernetes container orchestration manager, noted William Morgan, Buoyant CEO. by Joab Jackson, Susan Hall, TNS Staff []

Clouldflare and Google Will Help Sync the Internet's Clocks-and Make You Safer
Cryptography schemes are complicated to understand and implement. A lot of things can go wrong. But when it comes to web encryption, a surprising number errors actually stem from a straightforward and seemingly basic mechanism: timekeeping. Synced clocks in operating systems may make digital timekeeping look easy, but it takes a lot of work behind the scenes, and doesn't always solve problems online. by Lily Hay Newman, Garrett M. Graff, Issie Lapowsky, P.W. Singer, Emerson T. Brooking []
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