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November 17, 2016 - Issue #137
The newsletter is a little light this week. I've been under-the-weather and then had some travel. If I missed an article, yours or otherwise, email me or drop me a tweet and I'll add it to the queue for consideration next week. 

-- James

Hot Topics
5 Traits of Successful API Project Managers
Your next promotion might lead you to a career in API design or project management. The API industry is booming and there's a shortage of people with the right skills. Do you have what it takes to leverage the API economy in your career? by Jerome Louvel []

Where do technical writers fit in an organisation
Where do technical writers belong in an organisation? Which team should we be part of? This is an interesting question that many of us are asking. I don't have an answer. In fact, there are probably as many answers as there are possibilities, because each organisation is different, and so is each technical writing role.... by Sarah Maddox []

5 Traits of Successful API Project Managers
The software world has moved in many ways towards the idea of modularity rather than the archetypal monolith - services and systems are continually developed in chunks rather than as a single system. by Kristopher Sandoval []

Formatting cells with the Google Sheets API
Originally posted on G Suite Developers Blog Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, G Suite At Google I/O earlier this year, we launched a new Google Sheets API (click here to watch the entire announcement). The updated API includes many new features that weren't available in previous versions, including access to more functionality found in the Sheets desktop and mobile user interfaces. []

My Live Blog of the 10th Annual Defrag Conference... - Graeme Thickins on Tech
[If you are missing #Defrag this year like me, follow Graeme's live blog] Once again, I'm live-blogging the Defrag Conference in Denver. This is the tenth year of this great annual tech event, and I've attended them all. The original idea was to get together to defrag our brains and stop to think about where technology is headed - what's coming next. by Graeme []

Why These Four API Errors Are Subtle but Expensive
APIs are critical to many platforms but don't get nearly the amount of QA that Web sites or apps receive. Many major API issues are surprisingly subtle and without proper testing they can sneak through the cracks. This article looks at four such issues and how they could have been avoided. []

Daisy Chaining Multiple API Paths Using Stoplight Scenarios
Stoplight Scenarios is billed as "Test, automate, and debug web APIs + AWS Lambda". You can make API and AWS Lambda calls, and test, automate, and debug the responses -- pretty standard stuff we are seeing across several API service providers. []

APIStrat 2016 | How I got the CTO to pay for Open APIs (Melissa Jurkoic)
Companies have been integrating their systems internally and externally via APIs for many years. APIs are not new, but the idea of them being openly accessible and available to be discovered by someone without your permission is indeed new for companies. by API Strategy & Practice Conference []

Add Your Voice to the Developer Relations Community
For the fourth year in a row, WIP Factory is running its Developer Relations Survey to unearth the state of developer programs and developer outreach. Survey results will be freely released in early December, and cover evangelism, outreach, developer events, metrics and ROI, and more. Add your input now! 

API blogs, API Newsletters and API-oriented-Slack-groups to follow
Tl;dr : A useful collection of API blogs to follow, API newsletters and API Slack groups to subscribe to. With APIdays Conferences, we see lots of API influencers in the community who do the hard work to write insightful articles. But as the industry is growing, it is hard to keep up the pace. by APIdays []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

The Business of APIs
Why the API Economy needs evolution, not revolution
Add to favorites EB: How would you define the API Economy? The API economy is a set of business models and communication channels which use secure access for the exchange of data and access to functionality or programmes. APIs aren't a new concept. by Ellie Burns, James Nunns, CBR Staff Writer, Ambrose McNevin, Alexander Sword []

Focusing On A Single Example Of What An API Is When On-Boarding Folks
I am just sharing this thinking as I'm working to add it to my storytelling toolbox. I'm really committed to helping people understand what APIs are, so they can help push back on platforms to have APIs, as well as be more open with existing APIs. []
(Un)Related Topics
You Are Not Paid to Write Code
"Taco Bell Programming" is the idea that we can solve many of the problems we face as software engineers with clever reconfigurations of the same basic Unix tools. The name comes from the fact that every item on the menu at Taco Bell, a company which generates almost $2 billion in revenue annually, is simply a different configuration of roughly eight ingredients. by Tyler Treat []
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