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Hello, River Neighbors:

Happy autumn to you! It’s so nice to get a break from the summer heat.
As I write this, TVA is watching Hurricane Ian closely and monitoring what impacts it may bring to the Tennessee Valley as it moves northward. Our River Forecast Center is in constant communication with crews at our dams, such as Blue Ridge in northern Georgia, to create room for flood storage by releasing water ahead of the storm. In addition, many of the dams on the main Tennessee River are moving water downstream.
This is a good opportunity for me to invite you to follow us on social media to get the latest information on our rivers and reservoirs (see direct links at the bottom of this newsletter). And if you haven’t already, you can download our Lake Information app to your device for instant updates.
Fall is one of the best times to enjoy some downtime on TVA’s public lands, no matter what you enjoy doing. Whether it’s camping, fishing, birdwatching, or hiking, you can find plenty of ideas on our website.
For most of us, recreation is what we do when we aren’t at our jobs. But for some at TVA, recreation IS their job. Meet Clay Guerry and learn more about what it’s like to be a professional recreation specialist.
In wet and dry conditions, you can be sure that TVA works around the clock to ensure Valley residents are safe and getting the most benefit from the Tennessee River.
Allen Clare
Vice President, TVA River & Resources Stewardship

A freshwater mussel’s secret weapon

Spoons and spinners, jigs and pigs, worms, wigglers, and umbrella rigs. Crank-bait divers and floating flukes, broke-back jerk baits, and torpedo-shaped spooks. Despite all the technological advances in lure manufacturing and the billions spent each year to create realistic products that mimic fish, no artificial lure in the world has fooled aquatic predators longer than a freshwater mussel’s mantle lure.

Mantle Lures: A Freshwater Mussel’s Secret Weapon (

Perfect time to sleep under the stars

The driest month of the year is almost here! Combine that with low humidity, cool days, and chilly nights for a fabulous camping experience. Golden leaves, cozy campfires, stunning hikes, autumn wildflowers, photography, and more, are yours at a TVA Camp-Right Campground - where environmental stewardship matters. Make your 2023 reservations today.

Come out and play

Recreation is a core part of TVA’s mission. What’s your favorite fun thing to do? Check out our Recreation landing page for maps, ideas, suggestions, and the latest information you need to know to have a great time on TVA lands and waters.
 Recreation (

What’s it like to be a recreation specialist?

For most of us, recreation is what we do on vacations or in our time off. But for Clay Guerry, recreation is his job. If you enjoy the waters of the Tennessee River or have hiked, biked, or camped near its banks, chances are that Clay Guerry had a hand in helping create part of your experience.
 Clay Guerry - A Day in the Life of a Recreation Specialist (

River reinforcements

To prevent disruptions to the power supply or to commercial navigation, TVA is investing in upgrades to transmission towers that span the Tennessee River.
 River Reinforcements (

Fighting invasive forces

TVA and its partner organizations are in an ongoing battle with invasive aquatic species, such as eelgrass, in order to protect native species and maintain biodiversity in local waterways.
 Fighting Invasive Forces (

Know your boundaries

There are all sorts of ways to mark special places in our world. Look down and you might see one of ours while enjoying TVA’s public lands.
 Know Your Boundaries (

Tennessee RiverLine

The Tennessee RiverLine is about more than just kayaking. Using paddling as the catalyst, part of the mission is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In mid-October, youth from Common Ground Shoals will learn river and kayaking safety, as well as skill development during a three-day event called Kids in Kayaks.

Explore TRV

Order up a colorful, autumn adventure in the Tennessee River Valley with a little “fright” on the side and some “mystery” for dessert at the Athens-Limestone Haunt Walks, Ruby Falls Dread Hallow, and the Athens Alabama Storytelling Festival. Find out more at Explore TRV events.

Clean Marina

The TVA Clean Marinas initiative values owners and operators who work to educate the public on environmental stewardship. When a marina is awarded Clean Marina Certification, it’s given an incentive package that includes signage that addresses proper fish waste disposal, litter-free waters, and more. Clean Marinas make a difference.

The Wayback Machine

Late summer is a great time to cruise your favorite lake. That’s what these folks were doing on Kentucky Lake in August 1966.

Explore with the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide
Looking for new places to explore by foot, car, or boat? Check out the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide. There are plenty of things to see and do close to home.

Got a question? Pick the PLIC
TVA’s Public Land Information Center (PLIC) is your single source for answers to questions about a variety of public land topics, including recreational opportunities and shoreline permits. Call (800) 882-5263 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or submit your question using the form found here.

Ongoing maintenance:
Keep up with road closings, bridge repairs, and all kinds of things here.

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