"A New Year's Resolution" -- Today (Yesterday)   is “New Year's Day.”  It is a  day of  “new things.” It is a  day where  we  reflect on our  lives, hopefully both  physically and  spiritually.  It is a  time when  we are thinking, “How can  I make  my life  better.”


It is a  time when  we make  resolutions.  This  means  I resolve to  do  this or that.  Do  we keep them.  Not  all the  time, really not  too well.  I think that when we make them we  really want to keep them because we see things in our lives  that  need to be changed for the  better.


We try to  tell our families that we will always  be there for them, but we  don’t  live  up tho that resolution either.  We do not have to wait till New Year's Day  to  make  “resolutions.”  


The contrast between us and God is that He   ALWAYS keeps  His promises, words and resolutions.  Before the foundation of the  world He  knew that a Redeemer  would be  needed for mankind and as the  Word says, “in the fullness of time God sent  forth His  Son...”  to redeem us.  


As we  look at  how God made a  resolution in eternity past and kept His resolution and  continues  to be with us, let's  resolve  today and every day to make the  following resolution:  “I'll put Jesus first in my  life.” 


“In all that I say, in all that I do, throughout the world of toil and  strife, By  day and by night, through trust in His might, I'll put Jesus first in my  life.” (Larry Miles)



01/01/12 Sunday Genesis 1-2 Matthew 1
01/02/12 Monday Genesis 3-5 Matthew 2
01/03/12 Tuesday Genesis 6-8 Matthew 3
01/04/12 Wednesday Genesis 9-11 Matthew 4
01/05/12 Thursday Genesis 12-14 Matthew 5:1-26
01/06/12 Friday Genesis 15-17 Matthew 5:27-48
01/07/12 Saturday Genesis 18-19 Matthew 6
01/08/12 Sunday Genesis 20-22 Matthew 7

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