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Bellarine Kids Favourite’s Compilation…

What are your child/ren, your siblings, your grandchild/ren, niece or newphews….

Loving at the moment?


Meal to cook? Food to eat?

Book to read? Movie?

Place to go? Place to play?

Free activity? Enrolled activity?

At home, what is your child/rens favourite activity?

And your fav activity to do with your child/ren, niece, nephew, grandchild/ren etc.

Your families back to school structure? What Is in their lunch box?

As parents/guardians do you work, study, or stay at home with your cherubs?

Thankyou to all that emailed your response or commented via our Facebook wall!

Mary and Anna you have won…

Mary: an awesome cushion made by Minim Kids,

Anna: a cute Squeaker Doll made by Baboodle!

Meal to cook?

Spaghetti bolognaise, Margarita pizza, Sausage rolls, Pizzas, Stir Fry with noodles,
Japanese is a big hit in our house, in particular sashimi and gyoza, Pasta, Smoothies.

Food to eat?
Watermelon, Toasted cheese sandwhiches, pop corn, homemade biccies, lasagne,
Muffins, cupcakes, mini pizzas, chicken in pajamas, chicken, pasta, wombat stew, eggs.

Book to read?
The Wonky Donkey, Mia the Kea, Snow White, Dr Sauss, Where is the green sheep?
Leap-pad book: Cars, Harry Potter, Twilight,
Choose your own Adventures, Goosebumps, Mum and Me, I Spy.

The Reef, The Secret Garden, Ice Age, Peppa Pig, Shrek, Toy Story, Up,
High School Musical, Star Wars, Grease, Karate Kid, Billy Madison, The Zoo Keeper,
The Princess Bride, Walt Disney and Pixar movies.

Place to go?
1km walk along the Pt Lonsdale beach path, while the kids ride their bikes,
Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, River, Bellarine Beaches, Rock pools,
Edward Point coastal woodland walk - great walk with kids and includes the beach.

Place to play?
All for kids, The Imaginarium Project, Geelong Botanical Gardens (fully fenced),
Point Lonsdale park, Eastern Park, Botanical Gardens and the Brisbane Rangers,
Scooting on the path from the OG Golf Club to the caravan park, it is easy & safe,
Barwon Heads Pirate Park and park on the river, Queenscliff Park.

Free activity?
The beach or the pool in the backyard.
So many hours of fun in the water, and they sleep so well that night!
Geelong regional library storytime, and youth activities.
Love strolling through the local markets and searching for lucky dips or cookies!

Enrolled activity?
We are loving the Little Yoga & Dance classes. Each Monday night there is a discussion at the dinner table about what songs were played and what activities were undertaken. It is lovely to watch the children engage with each other and discuss with such excitement!
YMCA Rookie Sports, Sing & Grow, Gymnastics, Learn to Swim.

At home, what is your child/rens favourite activity?
So many drawings, pasting, painting, stacking, sorting...
Playing with anything with wheels, Making Playdough or Slime,
Home made bowling, Craft, Movies,
Make beleive play: dolls, cubbies, prams, cars, dirt.

And your fav activity to do with your child/ren, niece, nephew, grandchild/ren etc.
Playing group games, Reading, Bike riding,
Cooking, Walks, Filling up the shell pool with bubble bath.

Your families back to school structure?
I don't think I have one (Help!!)
Have school uniforms out and ready for the next day,
Attempt to plan school lunches and snacks at the beginning of the week.

What Is in their lunch box?
Wholemeal pita breads with ham, beetroot and lettuce,
Fruit for morning break and a sandwich or wrap for lunch,
Muffins, Cakes, Yoghurt, Bananas, Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

As parents/guardians do you work, study, or stay at home with your cherubs?
A bit of everything.  
As business owners we are often working,
but have some flexibility with hours when family needs arise.  
Studying, so my night's are quite full.
Then there are days when I just parent...they are lovely days.
Stay at home, Work from home, Work part time/casual,
Fulltime worker and we have a babysitter that picks the children up from school.

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