“leadership pipeline” is an established development path for your leaders.  It shows “who’s responsible for who" and "who's responsible for what." It also helps clarify a communications path for burden and responsibility. Empowering leaders to lead requires clarity. Being clear is hard work. I’ve made the mistake of keeping my “plans” top secret. I mean, what if something or someone doesn't work out or someone tries to hijack my direction! Can I tell you this…Insecurities stink!  Can you relate?  Ugh. I’ve learned a few priceless lessons along the way, and one of them is this:  Pull the RIGHT people close and make your dreams/vision known. When you do this, you will create a culture that trusts communication from the leaders who carry a certain level of responsibility and burden.  The people that you have pulled close know the dreams and plans that God has given you.  They can share the weight of your dream with you and help you navigate potential problems.  Sometimes, lack of clarity happens because only one person is looking at the map.  Let your map be known…and let others drive. 


O Come To The Altar

Elevation Worship (Acoustic Cover) - Alisa Turner

I certainly hope you love the video. But what I pray is, you end up forgetting to even watch and just lose yourself in the midst of worship. That again, you feel the Spirit move within and all around you. He is with you, he really, really is always waiting for you, always ready to welcome you in. I've said this before and I'll keep reminding you - that satan loves to get you isolated because you’re not as much of a threat out on your own. Stay close to the Father and to the ones He’s placed in your life. All my love to you -alisa-
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