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August 2015: Briefly, w/ drawing

Tunnel to Croatoan
Ink & colored pencil on paper

A few notes and a deferral

Barring the unforeseen, next month's newsletter should trumpet completion of one of the projects currently bubbling hot here at HQ. In anticipation of that pleasure, I won't go on at length in this issue. Even so, I cannot let August slide into history without checking in.

Running down the short list of works in progress, here are some of the ways I have divided my time:

  • Reformatting Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet for a smaller profile is almost complete. Featuring only a novella and a short story, the book will be slim. A smaller profile will make a more compact volume.
  • The problem glyphs of the Dvarsh Bold font have been corrected, but not yet imported into the font application.
  • The novelette currently in progress, "The Seven Jewel Bird," has elicited helpful comments from one test reader. The current draft and a mechanical pencil are now my usual lunchtime companions.
  • Slowly, slowly, I am adding material from my archives to my author website, Last week saw a new gallery. This week, who knows?
  • Both websites, and continue to benefit from retooling by Martin McCreadie (Mopestar Media). Much of what he has done so far has been to clean up the goofs of my inexperience with appearance and function. New features are in the works going forward.

That summarizes recent days. New editions of Nod's Way and Prelude to a Change of Mind rise in priority. They stand ready to move into full swing. If there were only two of me, this would all happen much faster.

Wishing you peace, love,
and comfortable shoes!


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Aath, v. - to make; to build

Aath is distinct in the Dvarsh writing system, a falling glyph with a unique rising element. Aath represents the growing tip of a vine, including a mature leaf, a new leaf and an opening bud. Depending on context, it can function as a word, a syllable or a consonant. When the latter, it represents a "Th" sound.
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