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January 2017: Update at the year's turn

Part of a page from the Word document in which I am compiling entries for the dictionary. In no way does this represent final formatting. Dvarsh Book sets small relative to Latin characters, which will require accommodation in the ultimate design. The immediate task is to transcribe hundreds and hundreds of entries, most of which are still pencil in notebooks—a prospect both daunting and thrilling. I can type the lil' darlings in a language no one speaks! And, look! It is begun.

Wishing you peace, love &
comfortable shoes!

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By calamity you will know me. This roguish author launched without warning and flapped with the best but failed to fly. One arm is in a splint for a broken bone in the wrist, at cost to dignity, comfort and some ambitions. A link to the December newsletter never appeared on the website. The Market is overdue for a reset. A promised second half of a blog post remains unfinished.

On the other hand, working mostly one-handed and by hunt-and-peck, I have continued developing the font, Dvarsh Book. It has reached a state of functionality that permits me to use it handily for the dictionary. A crucial step remains to complete before it's ready for testing by non-Robert volunteers, should such appear.

Creating entries for the dictionary, while greased by access to a font for the language, turns out still to be a challenge for this lazy brain o' mine. The reference grows in sessions of but a few at a time. Maybe the task will ease as the switch between symbol systems becomes more familiar. Today I had a thought that it might be interesting to have an MRI while creating bilingual references for an invented tongue. In another world, perhaps.

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