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Happy New Year, <<First Name>>!

I'm so glad you've decided to join me in putting our best email marketing feet, er, faces, forward. Thank you.

This is the very first issue of my Email Marketing Tips. The launch, if you will. The aim of these updates is to provide you with only the best, most useful news and information. Things you must be aware of to make the most of your email marketing time and money. Tweaks and improvements you can readily and easily make yourself or with a little help. (Just holler.*)

You don't have time to comb the net and stay on top of email marketing's latest and greatest. You're busy doing what you do! Leave the combing and culling to me. I'll find the gems and present them to you.

Have a question or subject you'd like me to address in a future issue? Please reply and let me know! Find something here useful? Sharing the love is sincerely appreciated. Hit one or more of those social options up there.

So let's get started, shall we?

In the spirit of the new year, new beginnings, and renewals, this and the next few updates will feature a series of check-up / tune-up items. Basics that email marketing newcomers will appreciate, but that we all need to pay attention to, review, and spiff up periodically. And what better time than right now?

* To shout or call out. Noone blinks an eye at 'holler' here in Tennessee. It's normal, y'all, which makes this native Texas girl feel more at home ;)

Email Campaign Check-Up

Enticing Opens with From + Subject + Snippet

Your from info (name and email address), subject line, and snippet (a little preview of the email content) should work together to pique subscriber interest enough to open your emails.

From Info

Is your from information easily recognizable, professional, and personable? Does it match your purpose and brand? Your unique situation will drive whether it's best to include your name, your organization name, or both. If a representative's name, will readers know who it is? And always use an address from your applicable domain - never a Gmail, Yahoo, or other generic email. Although only from name may be readily visible in the inbox, both name and email are important.

Subject Line

After from info, the next thing a subscriber normally sees in their inbox is the subject line. Make sure this is interesting enough to spur an open and relevant enough to save and find again later. Many subscribers, myself included, will save some emails for a very long time and come back to them for reference or when ready to take action. So consider subject line shelf life. Also, length. Shorter is better so that all or most of subject is visible in the inbox.


Next, if someone has snippets or previews (the very first characters of the email itself) enabled -- normally on by default -- then that is seen right after or below the subject line. In MailChimp and some other platforms, this is called the preheader and appears above your logo or header image. Regardless, it's whatever is up first in your email. Make it juicy! Don't waste this valuable inbox marketing space on the boring "view in browser" bit. That may be up top, too, and subscribers generally expect to find it there, but it shouldn't be first.

So the flow is usually like this:

From Name
Subject Line

Or horizontally:

From     Subject     Snippet

Here's a test of this email as an example:

Inbox Vertical View

The idea is that all three parts flow together nicely to tell the recipient who the email is from, what it's about, and why they should open it.

Begin to notice this in other emails in your inbox. Which are using the space effectively? Which are not?

Your turn!

How about your own campaigns? Be sure to test each one before sending out to subscribers.

A Little News You Can Use

Oh No

5 Reasons Why No One Opens Your Marketing Emails

Pointedly reinforces the check-up above, quickly covering from, subject, preheader, and a couple more important points. Just not in quite as nice a manner as I do.

Come on, you can take it.


19 Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Line

This article also reinforces the above, but gives us a number of specific ways to jazz up our email subject lines. I especially like #s 5, 7, and 14.

See which ones might work for you.

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