'Curiouser Loves' brings you a quick list of funky finds, resources or events that are a bit fantastic and that you might love too! I share some recent exciting news, link you to a gorgeous slideshow and update you on Curious Bazaar.
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Victorian Professional Photography Awards - Portrait Category - Silver Award

Pretty Pictures and Sunshine Days

2013 has been a busy year so far, and now here we are heading into the sweetness of Spring time! The sun is shining, little children are sleeping (or pretending to) and plans arrive into my days on a September wind.

Today we have a new spot in the newsletter called 'Curiouser Loves', with a quick list of funky finds, resources or events that are a bit fantastic and that you might love too! You'll find that near the end, after I share some recent exciting news, link you to a gorgeous slideshow and update you on Curious Bazaar!

Imagination runs wild

In the 2013 Victorian Professional Photography Awards, run by the AIPP, I was excited to be one of the three Emerging Photographer of the Year finalists! I won two silver awards out of my three entries into the Portrait Category, one of which is the 'Cat Girl' above, and the second - 'Pirate Boy' - is below.

These creative portraits were slightly different from my usual work with families, being concept-driven, and still featuring children and their interests or individual characters but in a more deliberate, whimsical way. I am excited to explore more of this style of portraiture in the months to come, as it has really ignited my creative love. This might have something to do with my adoration of masks and costumes... If you'd love to plan a concept shoot for yourself or your child, do let me know, it is so much fun!

My second award-winning portrait from those awards - my 8 year old son as a pirate. Ash has high-functioning autism and pirates have been his special interest since he was 3 years old. I confess, he spends more time obsessing over Terraria and ipad games than playing dress-ups nowadays! He still considers his pirate-love to be an integral part of who he is, though, and it was one of his own drawings that gave me the seed of an idea for this picture.

With his love of ships and maps and all such pirate-ish details, we'll be visiting Hobart, Tasmania, in a few weeks for the Tall Ships Festival there. I've made room in my schedule for one or two family / portrait sessions - scroll down to the end of the newsletter for more info on that one.


Hey Mama

"When we speak of magic we should speak of those moments that were the purest, when the stars were bright and when the laughter was loud - those are the most magical moments in life." - Pinned here

Towards the very end of Autumn (well, technically Winter, but with orange leaves still clinging to their trees...) I had the joy of capturing this sweet family in their own backyard. Click through to see the slideshow from their session, it is so cute! Plus it has a sweet soundtrack, 'Hey Mama' by Mat Kearney (licensed through SongFreedom).

Beautiful Bazaar

While Curiouser is my main love, my side project Curious Bazaar is stealing some of the limelight lately! We are entering market season, and my fellow-creatives in our handmade collective have been busy. The Curious Bazaar store is full of current stock, with new releases arriving later in September.

Check out our market dates below for first dibs on the latest stock, including handmade children's clothes, stunning jewellery and super funky screen printed cushions and softies. We also have a few other dates we might be adding... is there a Melbourne market you'd love to see us at?

Curiouser Loves

As much as I adore pinterest, some things I love to share need special attention! Here are a few favourite finds that are just lovely...
  • The Storybox Library - I just ADORE this new initiative, all about sharing the fantastical world of books and imagination with primary-school aged children. My 9 year old daughter Sienna gave it two thumbs way up ;)
  • Colour Me There - Maddie's blog (formerly L'il Magoolie) has been on my radar for a long time, but the inspiration just does not stop! I was lucky enough to be featured recently...
  • The Junk Map - Coolest furniture / decorating shopping directory EVER. If you're fixated on old and quirky, as I tend to be, that is. Victorian road-trip planning at its best!
  • Flow Magazine - I picked this up from my local newsagent, which is fab, though it is created in The Netherlands. A visual feast. Be prepared to devour inspiration.
  • Seedling - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand. I love it. Plus, I sent them an email enquiry a few weeks back, and they were just so lovely. The 7 year old son of a friend recently said that the 'Trick Glider' I bought him was the best present he ever got (it cost 90c). I buy their products from local kids shop Hugs For Kids in Belgrave!
As ever, if you have any questions or enquiries, suggestions of future 'Curiouser Loves' finds or other tips, please do send me an email :)

In the meantime, take a moment for yourself to pause, breathe, find something beautiful. Possibly around you. Probably within yourself.

Discovery is a wonderful thing.

Pretty in Pinterest

Loving the inspiration!

Pinterest is a fantastic visual bookmarking site where you can 'pin' images and links of interest to various boards on your profile. I love pinning favourite pieces of inspiration, photos, quotes and links to activities and tutorials. I also love following other people's boards!

If you're a pinterest fan too, let me know so I can follow your boards as well - the more, the merrier :)

You can find my boards at
Adelaide family photography


22nd - 24th September 2013:

I am super excited to be visiting Hobart in September, taking my 8 year old son to the Tall Ships Festival there! While it's not my reason for travelling, I am making myself available for a very limited number of family or portrait sessions :)

You have the choice between a $150 session alone, or our $500 session package, which gives you $400 credit for buying images, and a 1-1.5 hour session at a location of your choice! Session fee or $200 deposit required to confirm your booking.
Introductory Photography Workshops, Adelaide Hills

To Market

21st September 2013, Grassroots Market, Upper Ferntree Gully

26th October 2013, The Basin Country Fair, The Basin

23rd November 2013, Grassroots Market, Upwey

Curious Bazaar is in market season, and my crafty partners-in-crime have some gorgeous new creations on offer :)

If you're a Melbourne-ite, come and visit one of our lovely local markets and say hello! If you are further afield, keep an eye on our Facebook page for etsy shop updates :)
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