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Thank you, 2013!

At the end of December, I often find myself in a motivated kind of tunnel vision, full of plans and projects, laden with to-do lists and ideas for the new year. This mindset, however, has a fatal flaw. In only looking forward, I am sacrificing gratitude for performance anxiety, giving up reflection but instead adding pressure to myself. By focusing on the future, I am highlighting expectation, instead of validation. It's not necessarily (in my case, at least) the most positive approach!

So, today I am going to stop. For at least a little while, I am going to look back at the year that was, at how far we have come, at the milestones achieved but so quickly forgotten. Here are a few of my grateful thoughts from the year - thank you, 2013, for:
  • Lovely friends, near and far. And Instagram for keeping in touch with them all, though our days are so busy. I really love that.
  • Good quality professional help for my kids. On the Autism spectrum, great psychologists are worth their weight. And the wait ;)
  • Modcloth sales. OK, a shallow piece of gratitude here, but I have a weakness for great boots, and I have size 11 feet. Modcloth for the win!
  • Visiting the Tall Ships in Hobart with my 8 year old son.
  • A really yum anniversary dinner in Nairne, South Australia - Great food at Zigi Zaga.
  • Being runner up for the Victorian Emerging Photographer of the Year Award. It represents a lot of learning for me this year. When I (frequently) want to give up on everything, it reminds me that it can be exciting to aspire to something.
  • The Big Hearted Business conference - Good stuff.
  • My carport further evolving into my very own studio space - we just reached lock up, it's very exciting!
And, of course, thank you to my beautiful clients, supporters and followers! You are fab!

I'm sure I could come up with lots of other things, now that I am started. I start to look around and realise how many things I have to thank 2013 for. Do you have a list of your own?


Pictures and Paint and Making Stuff

2014 will be such a year of creativity! I am really excited to offer a bigger range of artistic products and services, including photography (of course!), paper products sold through Curious Bazaar and both custom and original art on canvas! This week I'm working on two inky photography canvases for a sweet client, and it has renewed my passion for mixed media. This Summer you will be able to collaborate with me on 'create your own' mixed media work, selecting from a range of photography and working with me on adding words, quotes, memories, even colour. Such fun!

Family and portrait photo sessions and wedding photography will both feature in my 2014, with a new and slightly tweaked price list, which you can download here. Creating slideshows for each family, person or couple is something I love to give my clients, and they are great for sharing with friends and family online.

Another new addition to the Photography range are gorgeous gift certificates! These are now available to purchase directly online in pre-defined amounts, or can be arranged directly with me in a custom amount. There is a design for families, and a different design for weddings and couples. As a thank you to my newsletter readers of 2013, any voucher purchases that total $100 or more, until the 28th February 2014, will receive an additional $250 gift certificate as a thank you from me! To find out what your gift certificate could cover, check out the 2014 price list.

Curiouser Loves

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I just love pinterest, and you'll find a lot of the things I discover and am inspired by on my boards there. But, off-pinterest, here are some recent favourite finds I'd love to share...
  • The Small Forest Shop - At the top of my (sadly neglected) blogging list is to post about my visit to this lovely, brand new shop in Warragul, Victoria. I will get there, but in the meantime, Wendy is lovely to follow on Instagram and you can find her gorgeous wares over on etsy!
  • The 'Ordinary Love' video clip - Oliver Jeffers is one of those artists and children's book authors/illustrators who makes me want to stop right now, draw something, write something, paint. This video collaboration is fantastic and it's a pretty cool song too ;)
  • Emma Approved - As a long time Jane Austen fan, I was thrilled to discover Pemberley Digital's creation The Lizzie Bennet Diaries last year. Emma Approved is the current series, and I am totally addicted! If you like Jane Austen re-makes, and you hadn't discovered these as yet, you're welcome. (A tip, go to the YouTube channel and start at Episode 1)
  • View Point Handmade Gallery, Bendigo - I was fortunate enough to participate in a group exhibition at Viewpoint a few weeks ago, and we made a road trip to visit Bendigo to check it out. What a cute and quirky awesome shop! I bought a slightly steampunk-ish necklace made of a vintage pocket watch, which I've worn a few times already. Plus a few other things, ahem. It was hard not to buy too much! My 10 year old daughter was equally enamoured, and Jess - who runs the gallery and shop - is super lovely.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - I just saw this movie last night at our local Outdoor Cinema, and I just loved it. It was funny and clever and sweet and visually fantastic. Plus there's a photography theme, so that's awesome.
As ever, if you have any questions or inquiries, suggestions of future 'Curiouser Loves' finds or other tips, please do send me an email :)

'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.' - Arthur Ashe

Let's make 2014 a good one.


Keeping in touch :)

Have I mentioned I love Instagram? It seems I am gravitating toward the more visual social media as time goes on - Instagram and Pinterest are my top two!

You can find me on Instagram as daniellequarmby

On Pinterest I am daniellejq
Adelaide family photography


16-18 January 2014:

A limited number of family or portrait sessions are available in Adelaide this Summer! My next visit isn't likely to be until Spring, at the end of 2014 :)

You have the choice between a $150 session alone, or our $500 session package, which gives you $400 credit for buying images, and a 1-1.5 hour session at a location of your choice! $200 deposit required to confirm your booking. For galleries, check out
Introductory Photography Workshops, Adelaide Hills

Curious Bazaar

24th March 2014, Grassroots Market, Upwey

Curious Bazaar finished our grand market season in Spring, and you'll find our lovely range of wares by our collective of makers gradually filling up the etsy shop over the Summer.

If you're a Melbourne-ite, please do keep an eye on our Facebook page for etsy shop updates :)
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