Dear Tribe member,

You are part of a worldwide tribe: 50,000 artists from 190+ countries. And most of us feel the impact of Corona right now. Gigs are cancelled, bars are closed, people are send home. 

At the same time we see great social initiatives popping up and even Italians singing from their balcony sending a positive and strong message to the world.

Would you like to do something? Can we facilitate?

Thinking out loud:
  • Tribe musicians recording some of their own tracks from home on camera. We could collect all those videos on our social channels to make a stronger united message
  • Tribe musicians from home reaching out to other Tribe members on our community portal and collaborate on new repertoire. This is happening already since our start in 2008 but with more musicians at home than ever this could be an interesting time to try this yourself
  • Tribe musicians recording a set of songs from home. We are more than willing to help you promote this 'virtual gig'. Just tell us what you did and where we can find it. And make sure to activate your tip box on Tribe of Noise so we can refer people to your profile page to tip you. Activate Tip Box.
  • Maybe something with live streaming music? Ideas are welcome.
There is a thin line between trying to spread some positive vibes to people around the world affected and come across as a self-promoting business trying to misuse the situation so instead of us pushing this we love to hear your ideas and support where we can. 

Contact us:
Twitter: @tribeofnoise

Hang in there and make music,

Team Tribe of Noise

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