URGENT MOVING PROJECT - Single mom with Leukemia 

I got a phone call yesterday from our partner, The League for the Blind & Disabled, regarding one of their new consumers that's in a tough situation. The woman in need is a single-mom who is battling Leukemia and has two kids under five years old. Due to the current house she rents not being the best place for her to live with her current health issues, she has to move to a more appropriate apartment. Due to not knowing where to initially turn, she's in a tough spot because she has to be moved by the end of this weekend (MARCH 31st.)

She hasn't been able to do anything, even really begin packing. She just isn't physically able to and is overwhelmed by it all, as you can imagine. 

She needs the help of NeighborLink volunteers who are interested in being the hands and feet of Jesus in a difficult time. It's not going to be a simple project and it's a pretty big undertaking, but it's completely possible. Maybe this is the email you've been waiting to get to hear from God regarding what the upcoming Easter holiday is all about. 

The mom's information is on the website ready for a Coach to take on the project. I will do whatever I can to support the efforts of a Coach. If you take on the leadership of the project, contact me and I can communicate your contact information in order to solicit more volunteer help. If you take it on and need to rent a truck, NeighborLink would be happy to cover that cost. 

Click on the picture to be taken directly to the project. 

 can't wait to hear about how this project goes. I trust that one of our communities will try to help!

Andrew Hoffman
Executive Director