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We have news. Actual news.

After meeting with the Montepiedra Hotel today, I have the first and most important step out of the way... our 'home' is OPEN and VB2020 is happening!

The hotel will now accept bookings for just 4 days or more (in the past it was a week only).

From here on in, things are still pretty 'fluid' as we make tentative steps to bring you your favourite event of the year. With this in mind, I am sure you will forgive me for not being too specific with regards to what IS and ISN'T going to be happening, come September 11. I will save that information for when the tickets go back on sale, so you are fully aware of what you are paying your money for.



We need to get the Hotel Montepiedra fully booked.

That is the ONLY way we can have any kind of pool party there during the weekend/mid-week. Please be aware... these pool 'parties' are not going to be anything at all like those in the past. We will be heavily restricted by numbers and music levels and how we interact with one another.

At the moment, a third of the rooms are taken but if I know you guys like I think I know you, these rooms won't be around much longer. Get your booking request in NOW. Please don't drag your feet but also, unless you are 100% wanting to confirm, PLEASE don't waste everyone's time by sending in a booking request as they are working on a skeleton staff at the moment.

Event tickets will be restricted to people staying at 'The Monte' for now. If you currently don't have an event ticket but do get confirmation from the Monte... you are guaranteed an event ticket when they go back on sale.

(Already got your ticket but staying elsewhere? Read on...)

Booked Palmera?

The Palmera are offering FREE CANCELLATION for anyone who has paid deposits for a room there, as long as it is 30 days before the booking date. I strongly recommend you rebook at the Monte if you are able to.

So, what is VB2020 going to look like?

The event itself this year is very much going to be determined by the number of people that attend. From my initial meetings today and with various venues in mind for the night time action, my gut feeling is that we will be capped at 250 in total. The music will be provided mostly by our resident and regular DJs who already have committed to attending, with one or two guest DJs who still wish to and are able to attend.

The main focus of the event will be Friday until Monday night, although we know people will be around much longer and we'll take care of you, somehow.

We have some exciting possibilities for the late night fun at venues you won't have attended before. The great thing is that I know you will trust me to put on the best event we can this year. There's a lot of underlining in this newsletter!

I know that this 'new look' VB2020 won't be of interest to many, which is more than fine as we are going to be struggling to accommodate you all, anyway. That said, many of you have already expressed how much you need to be here in September and would even be here if the entertainment solely consisted of me farting into a microphone all weekend. Actually... that still might happen.

Full details on VB2020 will be revealed ASAP and tickets put back on sale via the website if we have any left. I'm not entirely certain we will!


Already got tickets?

If you were one of those early birds who purchased your ticket then you can relax. You're all set!
I will be in touch in the next few days (I know I said that a month ago) to discuss your options if you no longer wish to attend. Thank you again for your patience.

I'm confused. What's next?

It's simple. If you want to be sure to be able to be part of VB2020 then get your hotel room booked at The Monte NOW. This also guarantees you an event ticket.

I cannot stop anyone coming to Campoamor in September (nor would I want to) but please be aware that we are not far from selling out, so think hard and act fast!  I'll have more news as soon as possible so expect multiple mails in the coming weeks.


I'll be in touch if you have already purchased your ticket to discuss your options.  Please DO NOT reply to this mail asking for refunds etc. 

All of the above is subject to the terms and conditions of 2020 who, as we know, is being a bit of a fucker at the moment. I accept no responsibility for alien invasion, killer robots or lesbian vampire zombies.

Much love, as always.

Wardy xxxx

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