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The story so far.

Greetings Family.

As the saying goes, "It's time to shit or get off the pot!"

On the first day of June, here in the Alicante province we move into the next phase of our lockdown restrictions, seeing more freedom of movement and a glimpse of life after the madness is over. I can only give you a vague summary of the 'Official' state of affairs because I only have a vague understanding of it myself. If you want to read a more indepth report, you can try this link.


What I KNOW and how it affects VB

(As we have learned, things can change from day to day).


  1. International travel to Spain WITHOUT quarantine is currently being reported as from July 1st. In theory this means that YOU CAN come to Spain with zero problems in September.
  2. The Hotel Montepiedra cannot give me any information regarding their plans for the rest of the year at this moment in time, they have a meeting this week to discuss.
  3. The Palmera is still and has always been taking bookings for September and has nothing further that they can say right now.
  4. I have no official news or understanding of how private rentals will be affected, come September.
  5. Club Shairo/Xairo is definitely not going to be part of our plans this year and I have not spoken to the 'owners' of Shanctuary/Farandula regarding it's plans as I'm sure they are just as in the dark as everyone else.

Taking all this into consideration and with the uncertainty (or lack of clarity) regarding how large social gatherings are to be addressed in the coming months, I can only state the following:


It is fair to say that the Vocal Booth Weekender as we all know and love it is unlikely to happen to the scale we were hoping, HOWEVER it is my gut feeling that SOMETHING will be happening in September, I am just in no position at this moment in time to say exactly what. If you are allowed to get here and if we are allowed to gather in numbers... then a fucking gathering we are going to have, however big/small and whatever venue & hotels I have to find.

The dates will remain the same.

Remember, this could all change at any given moment if there is a spike in reported cases of Covid-19, either here in Spain, in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. For this reason I have to make it very clear that, despite my hopes, us getting together in September is not guaranteed

Financial implications

In the middle of May, some of the flights I'd booked and paid for, for the international artists coming from the States, were cancelled, which I have to say was a relief as it meant I was able to claw back thousands of euros I'd already shelled out. I am still out of pocket for several Europe flights as well as deposits to agencies to secure DJs. Other than that, the financial implications haven't been too severe because, as most know, VBW isn't a huge money spinner for me anyway. Until people arrive in Spain I do everything single-handed from my own home so I have not lost money on wages I'd have had to pay or premises I have to rent.
I have had a conversation with Gillman Audio regarding their services and how it's unlikely we will be able to bring them across because of the risks involved (although that COULD change).
In light of these changes, I will be in touch with everyone who has paid for a ticket already to discuss their options regarding refunds, seeing as the scale of event you have paid for will not be going ahead as you had wished.
Please give me a few days to get around to this.

What's next?

As soon as I have anything else to tell you, I'll be in touch. If something important transpires before the next newsletter is due, I'll let you know. Tickets are now disabled on the website. There are many people who have recently purchased flights over for September as the prices are really cheap (or they were last time I checked). Rest assured, if you make it to Spain, we'll be meeting up, one way or another!

I hope that my words are clear and to the point and that you have more information to make decisions about your own next steps... if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to drop me a reply, I'm here for you!
I've had some issues with the artwork at the printers, with it being such an important publication I have ordered one final test copy which will arrive this week. As soon as it does I can confirm the print run and you'll have your books... I'm hoping by the end of June! I am delighted that you all pulled together and I am now able to order 100 limited edition, sewn binding books for you to enjoy. There are a handful left on the website if you want to secure yours.
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Thank you for your unwavering support and taking time to read everything.

I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel...

One Love from the Ward Family xxx



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