Finally. The dates you've been waiting for...

VB2021 - A New Dawn.

After weeks of searching, discussions and fine tuning, we are absolutely thrilled to confirm the dates for next year's fun in the sun.

Opening Party: Friday 1st October 2021.
Closing Party: Wednesday 6th October 2021.

Everyone who usually makes this their main holiday of the year will be pleased to know we will be offering great rates for 7 or 10 days AND that the Hotel we have for you will be ideal for extended stays.

"Why the change in dates?" I hear you ask.

There are a few good reasons for this, the main ones being:

  • The venue we have found will categorically take your breath away
  • Prices any time earlier would be fairly restrictive

We could have delayed this newsletter just a few more days and given you more details then, however for the sake of one more message in your inbox I thought it best to give you the dates while I put together all the details of the hotel (OMG!!), the new area (you're going to love) and everything else to send you over the edge with excitement.

Stay Strong.

It's a horrible time for many of our friends and Family now, as we hear more and more of death and illness within our ranks. I hope that something on the horizon to look forward to helps to relieve the tough times many are having, even for a short while as you daydream of being with some of your favourite people on the planet.

What's Next?

Everyone knows that it is going to take some time for our social gatherings to get back to 'normal'. The fact that we are so late in the year gives us every hope that we WILL be dancing and hugging by then. However, even if we still face restrictions by the time the event arrives, we will have contingencies in place. When you see the venue, you'll know what I mean!

With this in mind and the relative success of our VB2020 socially-distanced event, VB2021 will take on a whole new approach. Numbers will be reduced as we start in our new home. We will focus, again, on offering the opportunity to our regular DJs to be the stars of the show and the ticket price will reflect this. Full details of exactly what you can expect will be revealed before you make any commitment to join us.

Keep your eyes on the VB Family FB group. I will be 'Going Live' with more info in the coming days (more than likely on Sunday during the VB Radio Show, 4pm). 

So there is no immediate financial pressure, with Xmas around the corner we will:

  • Be sure to give you some time to get money together for your Room Deposit.
  • Put Event Tickets for the event on sale around April.


What a response!

We asked and you answered... and then some! The absolute, utmost respect and love to everyone who donated to the Family237 Support Network.
If you missed the launch at the start of November, is a website where we offer support (primarily financial) to ANYONE within the VB Family, should they need it. That COULD be you at any time!

Final details via VB newsletter

So as not to bombard those of you who'd rather not hear about this, aside from a 'Get Help' graphic at the end of these monthly updates to VB Family, further news on how the fund is progressing will now only be sent out to those who have donated.

Here is a run down of how the first few weeks went.

That's all folks... thanks for reading and speak very soon with all the juicy details ! 

Andy & Michelle.
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