There's less than two weeks to go...

Can VB2020 perform the comeback of the century?

Body blow after body blow have left us on the canvas. How this fight ends is anyone's guess.

What's been happening?

It's been a topsy-turvy few weeks. I've been in touch direct with ticket holders, keeping them bang up to date with all the new laws passed in Spain that have affected businesses and has in turn had an impact on the event itself.

VB2020 has been stripped right back to the bare bones. With this in mind, refunds were made available to anyone needing or wanting one, cut off was midnight last night. Many of our most loyal Family members had to make the heart-breaking decision to accept refunds, whether due to their flight being cancelled or the UK quarantine restrictions still being in place. 

With all these new changes and so many people unable to attend, final numbers with us are now looking around 100 - 120 people, all hoping to make it across for a week or long weekend of great music in fantastic company. I say hope, because it's anyone's guess as to what the UK or Spanish governments announce next which could be a further kick in the fanny.

Event Passes, Wristbands and Face Masks sit ready for people to collect them. People who held out as long as they could before cancelling will still receive their 'welcome packs' in the post once the event is over. We wait with bated breath for the final bell to know the outcome. 

Updates & Set Times

From here on in, any updates regarding the event and the set times will be published via the website.

**The VBW App is no longer supported and is not being updated, so you may as well remove it from your phones.

Live DJ broadcasts

All being well, we will be broadcasting live; Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 11am until 11pm UK Time, as well as the closing 'party' on Wednesday afternoon/evening. With heavy restrictions on the sound levels poolside and the DJs trying their best NOT to make people dance, music will be of the sweetest, most soulful variety. There's nothing stopping you turning it up as loud as you want at home though, having a proper boogey and getting as wasted as the rest of us! Join us on Pressure Radio and we may even use our Facebook Page Video Stream as a larger chat platform, if necessary.

Visit Website

Where's my head at?

In October 2009 we created an event that would change many of our lives more than we would ever imagine. About 200 people were there. Every year since, you have all made the pilgrimage to join us on the Streets of the Sun, rising in numbers to the point we were there or thereabouts 700 in 2019, floods and all !  The term 'VB Family' is embraced and used by you all as a huge badge of honour. For some, this will be the first September in 11 years that you won't be with your favourite people on the planet. Others, it would have been your first time. I think everyone is equally as gutted at the not being able to attend. Some of the emails and messages I've received have had me choked. 
Despite all that, I'm fairly 'happy'. I was feeling beaten at one point and the frustration of STILL not knowing for sure how it all pans out is a pain in the ass. I'm disappointed at having to cancel all my friends' tickets pretty much on the hour every hour the last few days. I'm sad that I am not excited in the slightest, right now. That said, it hasn't been as stressful as many would think.

Ever the optimist, I'm actually relishing a weekend of NOT having to run around like a headless chicken and NOT shouting at people. I know you are chuckling and shaking your head just as much as me at that last sentence. You just KNOW that people are gonna get shouted at, regardless.


I'm all info'd out. I cannot thank enough every single person who has gone out of their way to send me wishes of support, praise, thanks and so on. 
I fully understand the circumstances that many of you had to cancel were just a step too far this year and I look forward to a time when we can make concrete plans for our next adventure. I'm sorry that I can't confirm dates for VB2021 just yet and won't be in a position to for some time.

I'll be seeing some of you very soon.

Respect, peace and love,

Andy xxxx

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