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For... With... Of...

1 - 6 October. Villajoyosa

To an electrically-charged chatroom, yesterday saw us reveal full details of our much anticipated return to the Costa Blanca.

In this newsletter we will reveal details on:

  • Accommodation
  • Location
  • Event Plans
  • Timeline of Promotion


The Blue Line Hotel in Villajoyosa is a truly breathtaking establishment, recently completed in September 2020. An apartment hotel, similar in concept to the Palmera (although a million miles away in quality), it sits on the edge of the Med with views across to Ibiza on a clear day.

We gave the same opportunity last week to everyone and asked you join us on the VB Radio Show yesterday to get your booking in.
Today we wake up to over 120 requests for  the 60 available apartments. I've had to disable the booking form... we are provisionally fully-booked.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

I'll be totally honest... I thought you'd like the place but I'm speechless (not possible?) at the response.

It is clear that one or two people had issues sending in their booking request (multiple times) and have also asked for several different room types. Against my wishes, I am going to have to spend the next few days assigning names to rooms and will then be in touch with you, one by one, to let you know if you were successful or not with your booking request.

Please do not panic... there are a so many other options to choose from close by. However... I cannot recommend enough that you DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING ELSE just yet, I'll carry on to explain why later.

About Villajoyosa

This picturesque town, steeped in history, is located between Alicante and Benidorm. Click the image for explainer video.

A 30 minute cab ride from Alicante Airport, it has everything you need for that much needed October getaway. Benidorm is a 20 min cab ride away for a day or night out and you can even take a scenic tram direct. Same applies in the opposite direction for Alicante. This truly is that 'Beach/City' break you all asked for. It's even got a bridge for you to walk over and (I shit you not) escalators that take you from the beach into the town!

Find Out More


There is still lots to discuss with the main hotel regarding VB2021. It was clearly explained yesterday that anyone booking was doing so on the understanding they were grabbing themselves a great holiday. Vocal Booth Weekender didn't come into it.
The uncertainty of this past year, all that lies ahead regarding the return to normal plus the size of the hotel and it's grounds means we will be severely limited in numbers from the madness we reached in 2019 when we had close to 700 people.

To keep us all together, partying under the sun as one Family, and to make sure we don't run into any hiccups down the line, my initial estimation is that we'll sell between 350 and 400 tickets for VB2021.

Yesterday's room requests totalled 375 people in total !!


2020's Baby Booth outlined how a more mellow approach REALLY worked and was welcomed by many. Our new venue is set up perfectly to replicate that vibe.

As it stands, this is the vision:

Daytimes 11am - 8pm:
DJs playing outside to the poolside and shaded terrace areas. Spaces for dancing and spaces for sunbathing. Although we won't be shipping in the sound system you have come to love at VB, music levels will be loud enough to feel and get your groove on, right through until the sunset.

Evenings 8pm - 1am:
We move inside to the reception/restaurant area of the hotel and continue with the good vibes. Sliding doors out onto the terrace/poolside area... everything about this space is just perfect.

As tickets go on sale and we get a firm grasp of numbers, we will have the opportunity to explore other avenues regarding the entertainment and I know that you know it's going to be nothing short of phenomenal!

Other possibilities:

  • An all-new Pressure Cooker, including "VBTV." Live DJ sets and interviews streamed direct to the Smart TVs every apartment has.
  • Late Night coaches for those in desperate need of a sweaty club (Alicante, San Juan or Benidorm).
... that's just two ideas for now. There'll be lots more.

EVENT TICKET:  Is VB2021 really for you?

So as not to rush anything, the next step is to carefully plan how the event is gonna flex and put a budget to it all. There definitely isn't going to be the same number of headliners you have come to love VB for however with less numbers attending and a change in the dynamics of how the finances have worked in the past, it's hard to put a price on the event tickets just yet. I'd like to say they could be cheaper. I can guarantee they won't be more expensive than in the past. For VB2020 (when it was clear there was money left 'in the pot' after taking a small wage for my own time) we put on an evening of free drinks for everyone, running into thousands of euros. VB is not and will never be about making money!

It is worth paying attention to all the above regarding the 'scaled down' event that VB2021 will be. Coming back to VB2020, despite all the rules and regulations and people not being able to dance, we still had a truly beautiful experience and I am willing to PROMISE you that next year will be a truly magical experience. 
However, if you want the full on experience you have loved VB for in the past and don't like the sound of these plans, then please let me know and I can remove you from the room reservation, no questions asked.

WARDY... I haven't got a room.
What the rarse am I gonna do?

First of all, it's important not to worry.

I had to disable the booking requests to save lots of extra work. I am now going to spend the next few days (be patient) contacting people to let them know they couldn't get the rooms they wanted and to see if they can share apartments with friends. This WILL free up space. We may also get people reading this info and not wanting to come to a smaller event. Once we get the main hotel sorted we will then have an idea of how many people are booked.
I will then have links for you to book the private apartment block next door to Blue Line (which looks just as good), as well as other hotels in the area. There are hundreds of AirBnB options too. 







Thanks for taking in all this info. Please do not message me asking 'for a squeeze' on an apartment, there's not much I can do right now. I'll have more news and updates for you in 3 weeks or so. 

It seems a little early but seeing as it's the last time I'll be messaging many of you, I'd like to thank you for all your love and dedication throughout this year and hope you enjoy a great festive season with your loved ones.

The most amount of love and respect from me and mine to you and yours.

I remain,

For... With ... Of...

Andy Ward
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