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In case you do not follow the VB Family FB group, let me bring you up to speed. I recently asked if people would prefer to stay in and around Campoamor or venture further afield and explore new areas for VBW. There were 221 people voted 'Yes' whilst 34 people said they'd prefer to stay in Campoamor.
With that in mind, myself and Michelle are just back from a fact-finding mission along the coastline between here and Alicante (and beyond), in search of our next home. We found an area that immediately felt perfect and a venue/venues that also ticked every box. It's torture not saying any more than that.
That was just a few days ago (Friday & Saturday) and I have crafted an intro letter to the primary hotel to gauge their response to my proposal. Until I get a reply from them, I am having to be very vague I'm afraid but would like to think I may have some concrete news for you in the coming week or so.

I am fully aware that many people NEED dates for VB2021 so they can secure that all important holiday at work. There is no point me mentioning any date just now as it only confuses people. Rest assured, there isn't anyone as keen to get something in the diary as myself... so that will be ASAP.

One thing that was very apparent is how uncertain everyone is about what the future holds for both the entertainment and hospitality industries. Hotels have no idea what their capacities will be during the course of the pandemic and a few people I spoke to seemed to think this whole thing will run for longer than anyone realises. Indeed, here in Spain the whole country is now on a 6 month curfew (yes you read that right) until May 2021, with no one allowed outside between midnight and 6am (some localities even have longer time periods). If you think about it like that, the summer months aren't much further than this timeline and so everyone is cautious to make any plans that cannot be changed at any given moment. All of these factors need taking into consideration when planning for our event towards the back of the summer... but the ideas I have in mind and the recent gathering we managed to pull off mean that I am 100% confident we will be together on the streets of the sun in 2021 and enjoying amazing music in the company of you fantastic lot.

Podcasts are now almost complete.

In the next 7 days you will have the entire podcast collection from the recent Baby Booth. If you haven't checked any of them out, you really should take the opportunity to listen to some of our regular DJs who may have slipped your attention in the past. It is a very impressive body of work.

VBW App discontinued.

Our App is now discontinued. In the future, the website will act as your fully interactive portal for listening and purchasing tickets and booking hotels etc.

You should now remove the VBW App from your devices.

Grab Podcasts HERE

The VB Support Network.

By the time we have news for you of plans for VB2021, we also will be sharing details of our VB Help Portal which is currently being put together. It's just that little too soon to give you news but it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time and something I think will be welcomed by you all, especially in these difficult times for everyone.

More to follow...

Short but sweet for now. Remember, join me every Sunday at 4pm UK time on Pressure Radio for the VB Radio Show, where I give snippets of info every week as the wine loosens my lips and we listen to some cracking tunes from the vinyl archives.

Soon come and One Love,

Wardy xx

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