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With (what seems like) new Covid developments on a weekly basis, it would be naive to 'carry on' as if everything will be 100% fine, come October, when no one really knows what is around any corner!

With this in mind, you are urged to double check all your booking terms and conditions... whether for flights or your hotel/apartment... before handing over money, so you are sure of what you are committing to and how you will be covered if anything changes.
Our official position is that we truly believe the event we have lined up in October can and will proceed as planned but if this changes at any given time, we will notify you immediately.

This is indeed 'A New Dawn' for Vocal Booth Weekender. Our change in venue and feedback from Baby Booth 2020 means the event will take on a whole new approach than in the past. This year will see hardly (if any) 'headliners' yet will feature all your favourite regular and resident DJs. It is important you understand this before committing to join us or paying your hotel deposit in February (Blue Line guests).

Everything will be clearly outlined when tickets go on sale, in April.

Ticket Request Form

Before you rush off to complete the form, it's important you read this info. How fast you send in the form has no impact on whether you get a ticket or not!

Vocal Booth Weekender has a severely limited capacity this year. With almost 200 people staying on site and another 150 people on the 'Appointed Ticket List', it breaks our hearts to realise that so many people are not going to be able to join us.

How did 'they' get on the list ?

Most of the 350 with reserved tickets have been with us for 10 events or more. Others are regular supporters of the VB Radio Show and so get the news a week or so before everyone else. We also had messaged this mailing list to give everyone the same opportunity to be ready to request rooms, as well as numerous posts on FB. There really is nothing else we could have done to make it more fair.

Why so few people?

It is the only way we can put on our first event in the new location and be sure we do not overcrowd the spaces or create issues with the local authorities. It is also the most sensible way to proceed in case of any changes in social distancing restrictions down the line.

Who should apply?

  • If you are staying in the Blue Line Hotel YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY FOR TICKETS. I have your names already.
  • If you or your party leader has already been emailed about tickets, YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY. I have your names already.
  • Regulars (who haven't already been in touch) are recommended to NOT request tickets for friends who haven't attended before. It could impact whether or not you get tickets, due to limited capacity.

How many tickets are left?

Total truth? There are no tickets left at this point. If everyone who is on the allocated list buys their ticket, then we are at capacity. There may be a handful that become available for one or two people who have been with us 'forever' but even some of those are going to be disappointed. If you feel this is you... remember you will be more likely to get tickets if you ask for the minimum you need (one or two).
If any of this is not clear, then please feel free to ask questions via reply !

It is a constant source of entertainment for you all to watch me have a breakdown at questions I am asked that are clearly already answered.  I appreciate that this is my 'job', so ask away if you are unsure about anything. 

Points of note:

  1. There are no rooms left at the main hotel & there 100% won't be any available in the future if you haven't already sent in a room request (we have a waiting list of 45 names).
  2. If you are staying in the main hotel you CANNOT invite anyone else to stay with you who doesn't have an event ticket. If this is a problem you will have to stay elsewhere, sorry.
  3. You shouldn't be booking flights or alternate accommodation until your event ticket is confirmed.
  4. A private link will be sent via email on or around April 1st to everyone on the 'Appointed Ticket List' to pay for tickets. This gives you time to get the money together.   **Please do not email before this date asking where to buy tickets**.
  5. Friends/Partners who have never been before or have only attended a handful of events are definitely not going to get tickets if they aren't already on the appointed ticket list.
  6. We do not operate favouritism and cannot magic tickets that don't exist. Please don't expect to get tickets later in the year, whoever you are! If you've been to 8 or more events and have missed out on tickets then you should get in touch NOW.

Alternate accommodation

Apologies that we don't have this list for you yet. Please do not panic. There really are many options to choose from which we will have for you on the next newsletter.

It cannot be stressed enough that you should not be booking alternate accommodation until you have an event ticket!


Thanks, as always, for reading this far and your continued support.

One love, 

Andy Ward.

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