The country prepares to return to some kind of 'normal'.

This week we (Spain in general) were given a timetable that will see us slowly being released back into the wild, in various stages and at various periods. Providing all is well and infected cases of Covid19 don't rise dramatically, this means by the end of June most of the country will be out of the Lockdown state. At this point though, there has been no talk of leisure & tourism returning to normal and, as stated in the last official statement I made on April 20th, no one really has any idea how that's all going to pan out. There's no point me saying what I think will happen or what I hope will happen, for now - like you - I wait. 

Rest assured, as soon as I have anything to tell you, I will.

Amanda's Day

It seems so long ago now, I can't remember if I thanked everyone for their participation. A momentous day that is available for listen again here. Check out Amanda's Day. 

Have as good a bank holiday weekend as possible and remember that we have a really positive and busy chatroom over at Pressure Radio most evenings and all weekend long.
Be good to yourselves and to others... That's the ONLY thing you can control in this world! Thanks for reading... Andy xxx


The Official Latest From Spanish Government.


The de-escalated of the state of alarm in Spain will be done in phases, not by specific dates. It consists in 4 stages that will last 2 weeks each, if everything evolves favorably (It can be prolonged according to the province depending on the markets and the epidemiological situation). The objective is to end at the end of June.
This is a summary of the measures taken by the government for each phase.

Phase 0, from May 4th:

- Permission for both, children and adults, to go for a walk and sport (individually & outdoor)
- Attention of ecological vegetable gardens of self-consumption.
- Opening of companies, by individual appointment with clients (such as restaurants with take away food)
- Individual training of professional athletes
- Preparation of all public companies with protective measures

Phase 1, from May 11th:

- Opening of small shops (not shopping centers)
- Opening of terraces at 30% occupancy.
- Opening of hotels and tourist accommodation with certain restrictions (common areas will not be open)
- This openings will include a preferential schedule for those over 65 years of age.
- Opening of religious sites at 1/3 of its capacity.
- Opening of high performance sports centers.

Phase 2, starting May 25th:

- Opening of indoor rooms of restaurants at 30 % of its capacity.
- Opening of cinemas / theaters at 1/2 of its capacity.
- Cultural events and shows at 1/3 of its capacity. If it is outdoor, maximum 400 people seated.
- Religious sites at 50 % of its capacity.
- Exceptional opening of schools for reinforcement, entrance examination and children under 6 years (Schools will close until September).

Phase 3, starting June 8th:

- Flexibility to circulate between provinces (as long as both are in the same phase).
- Shopping centers at 50 % of their capacity and with a distance of 2 m.
- In restaurants the capacity will be made more flexible although the separation between the public will be maintained.

It's important to remember that we continue in the lock down, we will pass from one phase to another if we evolve favorably, and that, in each phase, the necessary restrictions can be established. In the same way, we must continue with the recommended security measures (distance, hygiene and use of masks).

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