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It Is Never Like I Plan

At least, none of this year has gone according to plan.

I posted my neighboring cornfield to instagram. A sad bit of news for my garden is represented by what look like the bare trees of November, rather than October color. They were Green Ash trees.

Trees that I had planted with hope, in a very unpromising year of drought. Trees that were beautiful and had survived when many others had not. But I (and they) could not have foreseen the Emerald borer. It completed the work on the trees this year, they are gone. We will use them as our own firewood next year.

Rabbit Holes

I had other losses which I intend to write about, but that is not how my plans for this year went awry.

No, I traveled to Atlanta for almost two to three months during the growing season. Unforeseen, I fell down the rabbit hole of helping out my children. I am happy I could help, but it did rearrange all my plans.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have "sworn" (rather, "said emphatically") that I would get rid of clutter and organize my place here. I have been making good on that this year, despite setbacks in unexpected travel plans.

And we totally remodeled the upstairs rooms of the house. New flooring, walls, ceilings, paint, are among the accomplishments. My husband also re-sided the front of the house. Much work, not little money, but long overdue to be done. Now it is!  I may have to resurrect my "old house" posting.

You can't help but feel happy for me, right?! I'm getting two important parts of my life together: longtime personal goals and important relationships.

It has taken its toll on the garden and the blogging, though. 

I expect to leave this 'Wonderland' after the New Year. Settle into a balanced schedule of maintaining progress and producing more of the online plans of pics, pages, and all that jazz.

Yes, I Have New Pages

New writings? I did manage a bit. I am beefing up the "Beginning Gardener" parts of the site. I am good at teaching beginning concepts, so I started with making an index page..

And I will be returning to more about design. The Prairie plants page moved from Squidoo to my site; I felt it was a better fit here. If scrapers got to it, I may take a hit with google.

But the topic is so important for gardeners. We all are looking for hardy plants that take tough circumstances, and American natives do that.

Site Changes

I decided to do something long planned. After a false start on the Gazebo section (which will totally change), I am putting favorite recipes into the garden site.  That is coming next month.

The site is becoming mobile friendlier, and that means the entire old portion (my original pages) will need to be given a new template. 

I put a Photo slider back on the front page. 


It Might Be A Cold Winter

Have you noticed the signs? We are in a lovely window of fall right now, but that could change soon, so I have stored all the outdoor furniture cushions, put away the grill, how about you?
Fall Chores Pages

Have You Seen These Goodies?

If you haven't ever visited Creative Market, then you may not have heard about their weekly free goodies. I signed up for their newsletter and I regularly visit. I learn about new artists, fonts, and all sorts of things.
After you check out their free goodies, you might want  some graphics, photos, or fonts. (No, no compensation, nothing paid- just goodwill sharing)

Creative Market Free Goodies


I've been mostly working on updating older posts and pages. Improving the photos and pictures, adding bits of new info.

Posted on Flickr recently. Thanks to some phone apps, I am finding the whole photo thing easier.

Thanksgiving is an important thing to do no matter what the season. Autumn is full of good reason to be grateful. I am so thankful for the garden, thankful that I can work, thankful for being able to see the beauty of this world.

I am also so thankful for my readers, for online friendships, there is just so much. 

Yes, I have had setbacks, and my garden has, too, but there is just too much that is good to dwell on those things.

I haven't always been so good at cleaning my tools. This year I sharpened and cleaned my pruning tools and started disinfecting between cuts. I advise others to take more care with this, if it isn't their habit already. This video helped.

Check a recent Garden Journal post for a review of the growing season. I had spectacular cucumbers this year.


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