Thanks for our blessings, the new posts, random chatter, and youtube videos
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I am looking forward to my Christmas roses, Helleborus niger.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you happy holidays all season long

It is holiday time, and this special Thanksgiving newsletter will probably be the last one of 2013.

I have written quite a bit for gardening publication this fall: a number of pages on and posts on the Garden Journal, as well as keeping up with the Facebook pages for those sites. Now I switch gears- as I do every year- for the Advent season which starts on December 1.

This is a big project for me, as I write a post for each day. Daily blogging! Of course I chose the busiest time of the year, but there is a good reason for that. In our family our devotionals inject a spiritual emphasis back into our celebration of Christmas.The Advent blog is simply my desire to share that with others who like to have some devotional thoughts, Christmas carol suggestions, and other things to help celebrate Advent. If you'd like to join in, the address is


For the New Year I hope to continue with lots of garden info, but I'd also like to ask you a favor. I've changed the look of Ilona's Garden back and forth and all around it seems. Could you provide feedback on what works for you or could work better? Send me an email ilona1 (at) or add some comments on the Facebook page for the site. I'd appreciate it, thanks.
winter storage
My outdoor garden goes to sleep.
My armchair gardening wakes up.

The coming year will see a new emphasis on the soul of gardening; how it feeds the spirit.

Things I'm Grateful For:

Readers like you! You make writing the articles and creating the sites so worthwhile.
My family and the way we were able to bond this year while traveling out west.
The gorgeous landscape of America -there are no words! (but I have photos)
God's incredible creation, nature and the way it restores my soul.
Food. My lovely little vegetable patch, and the local produce of farm markets.

What are you grateful for?

....What new garden pages were added since our last news? Here are some of the latest.

What kind of projects are you planning in the next garden season? I'd love to know about them on the Facebook page. Our favorite this year was the firepit, the project we squeezed in at the end of the summer. I haven't decided what I want to do in 2014 yet, but I usually wonder out loud and put plans onto the Blogspot garden journal.

I know that I have a risky transplanting job that I want to do. Risky, because it might not survive the transplanting, especially if we have a hot, dry summer next year. A large viburnum that I love is in the wrong place- has been for years. I thought we could tackle it in the fall, but then I injured my knee. Don't you hate unforeseen problems like that? Yet, life is full of this job is set for spring.

The "best laid plans", as Burns so well described the situation.

Wherein I Tell On Myself

I still have bulbs I didn't plant, sitting in an empty 14" container in the house so they don't freeze. That means I have to find time in early December to get them in their designated spots before the ground freezes hard. I'll let you know how that works out.

I can't believe I did this! I'm sure none of you do such procrastinating, exasperating things.

You see, I told myself I would do just one more video on youtube to show how bulbs can be layered when planting.  There will not be a video on this topic until the weather is nice again! (Next Year).

But that reminds me- I did manage three videos all on aspects of planting bulbs. I admit I have a lot to learn in the video producing department, but if you wish to watch my evolution and see what happens in future videos please do check the Youtube channel for ilonagarden. I am open for suggestions for improvement, comments, and topics you are interested in.

Thank you, subscribing friends, for your support, for being interested, and sharing your time with me. Again, I have to say I am grateful for you.
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