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Loved The Garden This Year

We had lovely weather in Ohio, and I gardened.

As you may have noticed I skipped many newsletters; instead I put my hands into the earth, soaked up some sun, and reconnected with my garden.

It also may be apparent how often I tend to talk about reconnection. If there is anything that I may give to you, my readers, it is that the things that are truly important to us... those things that feed our souls and give us rich, full lives, are worthy of our time.

If you love gardening as much as I do (you signed up for this, so....) , then you know that we must pry ourselves from our computers and just be outside. Not just to do the work, but to find joy in each task in an unhurried pace.

The photo is one I took just before sending off this newsletter. Autumn milkweed releasing its seeds.

This year my garden was graced with a number of Monarchs who reproduced. For some reason they loved Ruta graveolens better than the milkweeds.


We are "old house" people. Aging old house people, so we are trying to wind up work on this old farmhouse. That spills over into the garden for me.

I think that when we design our landscape earlier in life we would be wise to design it with generally downsizing and scaling down the labor if we have ideas of staying there in our later years.

This might be why I am writing more about design again. If we plan and design the garden, it is more likely to be a garden we can grow with through the years.

Yes, I Have New Pages

my porch hydrangea  

Site Changes

Some structure changes, bringing old articles into the site as I consolidate the final ending of the first things I ever wrote for the site, the closing of the Gazebo, removing work from Hubpages, and just plain modernizing. My house should get such attention!

Here's a sample:
Perennial Tulips
Old Fashioned Hellebore Advice


Still writing there, but it is ever changing and going through huge transitions all the time. I wrote a post to try and record some of my experience. 
The "Perennial Tulips" and some reviews that are on the Garden Librarian site are articles that work better on my sites.

Here is the present assessment of Hubpages for me. I can't speak for everyone, after all, I've only been there for little over a year or so.
Ilonagarden on Hubpages
Can You Make Money On Hubpages?

My Talk On Periscope...Loaded To Youtube


I tried out Periscope. And yes, I like it, but haven't had much time for it past the first week of experimenting. I'll likely do more with it coming up.

You know who does a really great Periscope? Joe Lampl, but that is not a surprise since he is a TV professional. Follow him- he is interesting. Periscope is connected with Twitter, so if you follow people on Twitter, they are easy to find on Periscope.(It is a phone-only app right now)

Have You Seen These Goodies? continues to offer outstanding deals on fonts and graphics, if you are into that kind of thing (I am).

I have the Starbucks app on my phone. They regularly offer free songs and other apps. I downloaded some for editing movies. Even if you don't drink their coffee you might like this feature. The app I downloaded is called FLY

I have problems with "wordiness and runon sentences, so I was really happy to find a FREE online editor. Maybe you would like to try it for your writing:


I'm slow to get started, and Instagram took me awhile to warm up to, but I've starting using it much more.Go ahead and check out what I'm recording on film. 
ilonagarden on Instagram
Just starting to look at how to embed it on the site, but using the pics in posts is one way to share some of the photos.

This month I give thanks for :
  • A great tomato crop
  • free gourds (from last years seeds)
  • beautiful weather this fall
  • better mobility
  • my chickens laying fresh eggs
What have your blessings been this growing season?

It is time to sharpen and clean, again.

Good time of year to buy garden boots or gloves. They should be on clearance.

Check the Garden Calendar. The same tasks arise perennially.

Remember this moved? Well, I have been posting...


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