Garden enthusiasm for fall gardening.
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New, new, new. September is another starting point; Rosh Hashana falls on Sep 5-6, 2013. I have new pages, a new experience, and some new tools this month. Trouble With Walkways and Monochromatic Gardens


A Prime Gardening Month

Early fall has always been an important month to accomplish many of the tasks that make gardening such a joy. Here in Ohio, the weather is ideal for enjoying the outdoors. In September it is still a bit hot and sometimes late summer drought hangs on, but that just means making sure that newly divided and planted perennials should be kept watered- not usually a hard chore.

What do I like to do in September? Beside visiting a festival or two, I like making the rounds of local garden centers to see what they have to offer. Purchases of bulbs, additional perennials, and a shrub or two that I might have planned for, are always fun. The pace of early fall is never as frenzied as the springtime, but the conditions for planting are as good.

The new pages on the site:
Monochromatic Gardens gives some insight into what this design style can do for your home, since this is an easy way to put together a spectacular looking garden.

A page on Garden Phlox and on Chrysanthemums are slated for this month. Garden phlox, or tall phlox as they are sometimes called, bloom in midsummer, but this month is ideal for planting them. We all know that chrysanthemums are the premier flower for fall color. So I thought I would highlight them!


Exciting news for me! I am attending the first Garden Bloggers Conference which is being held in Atlanta this month. Are you going? Why not tell me about it either on the Garden Journal or on Facebook? I'm looking forward to meeting lots of my fellow bloggers.
Denver Botanical
Last fall at this time I traveled to the Western states. The Denver Botanic Gardens is not to be missed! Visit it if you ever get a chance, and here is a photo from that experience.

Denver botanic Gardens website

Why is fall good for planting?

....let me count the ways
  • allows for root development before winter freezes
  • natural time to plant bulbs, when they are dormant
  • weather is pleasant, with plenty of dry days for work, regular rains on their way for new plants.
  • garden centers are well stocked

What is new on the site?

I reverted to some of my old "html" pages for adding to the collection of seasonal tips, as well as keeping up with the monthly garden tips reports that come out each month. These new pages are "Garden Guides" which have the more permanent features of the season gathered together. Access each one from the page "Through The Seasons"

The calender of garden chores were always one of the features I liked best in the old garden books. I also found myself referring to the plant lists for certain garden situations, and have tried to feature those for my readers, tailoring them to the Midwest.
List of Plant Lists

See August's Gardening Tips 2013, and by the time you receive this newsletter, September's will be out. On the homepage of Ilona's Garden the latest posts are listed in the footer, while the featured posts fill the page.

Good Links This Month

Informative articles on Lilies

Want to know about earthworms?

New pages

I know I change things around an awful lot on the site- but I am still learning. Things online change, and this old bird has to change with them. See the new ones listed on this page.

Do we dumb down gardening? rant/musing
I had to replace some "lost" tools, I'll be talking about this in the Garden Journal . New weeding tools and gloves from Oakland Nursery.
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