Spring was late and so am I

Garden Enthusiasm

It's Been A Record Breaker

We had record breaking cold last month and although spring arrived, everything is behind, including me.

Not that that is unusual, but I just didn't feel very gardenista when the mercury registered single digits. If you live in the Northeast of the USA, you know that feeling in spades.

But I finally cleaned off the vegetable garden yesterday and wanted to share some springtime joy with my fellow garden enthusiasts.

I am making more pictures with Canva and Picmonkey. This picture was made with the Canva online app.

On The Pages

I've been moving my Ilona's Garden Journal to a new domain and using Wordpress instead of Blogger. This is all very scary because I am afraid I will disappear from Google.

But I need to care more about reader's experience and my own ability to write and keep track of everything.

Do you get that overwhelmed feeling in spring? I just multiplied it for myself!

Making A Video

Tools For Vegetable Gardening
If you are an experienced gardener, the video I am working on is only of passing interest, but if you are a beginner, I am creating some garden coaching tutorials. the first one is going to be on garden tools.

Be sure to like and visit the Ilona's Garden facebook page for newest updates when that is ready.

For veteran gardeners, I shot some footage of my visit to Inniswood garden and plan on using it to relay design ideas. 

Here is a tip for those who have softened water: use bottled water to start those cuttings. I have lost so many indoor plants and cuttings over the winters to my very poor water quality.

Our water is so alkaline, and the softening process adds so much salt that everything indoors dies without special watering. I use the coffee that isn't consumed for the potted plants.

Spring Pages

Newly pressed page takes the topic of a reminder of how we feel in the spring. The fall was too busy to plant more bulbs, and now we regret it.

Let's make plans now to put more tulips and spring color into our gardens.

There is no better time than in the spring to assess how we want the landscape to look next spring- make notes! If you have Evernote- it is so simple to keep track of notes and even take photos for reference.

Tulip Regrets

What I Love Most About A Garden

Color, wildlife, variety, I love everything about a garden, it seems, but what I love most is the fragrance. No photos can capture this, but if you plant for fragrance, you will experience real delight.

Planting a garden for fragrance

For some this will be late, but large areas of the country will find it timely:
Early Spring Garden Chores
tulip leaves are showing

Which Tulips Are Best?

The tulips you plant will depend on what is most important to you, and for most of us it starts with color, includes form, and everything else is an afterthought. 

After a few years, though, I start to think about whether it is a one year show or something more perennial.

When you want tulips that will show up each year, with big beautiful blooms, the Greigii, Fosteriana (Emperor), and Kaufmanniana types are best. Some of those will have striped or marked foliage which adds interest, too.

I've written on the topic of those varieties I found to be perennial (certain Darwins, as well as others).

Perennial Tulips


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Corned Beef And Cabbage

I love this recipe for busy spring months. It is traditional for March. 
  • Corned beef brisket
  • whole baby carrots
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 turnip or parsnip,cut in chunks
  • baby potatoes (1 small bag or about half pound worth)
  • 1 med. onion, quartered
  • 1 med. green cabbage
  • 1 tablespoon pickling spices
  • clove or two of garlic
Put all in the crockpot with the cabbage quartered and placed on top. Put water in to cover meat. cover the crockpot with lid and cook until tender (several hours).

I cook this the easy way.
Martha does a similar recipe.

You can also take the meat out early, slather with honey mustard or BBQ sauce and envelope in foil and cook it that way. That is delicious, but more work on a busy day.

Good Links

Came across some fun places to visit online, lately. 

A Garden site that has lots of craft style ideas, plenty of pictures and is full of stuff to pin to your pinterest boards.

Our Fairfield Home & Garden

Another, better known blog is Redeem Your Ground
It is strongly food growing oriented, and the whole site is beautifully done and easy to navigate.

I have two youtube channels. I hope you will subscribe.
  1. The Garden Channel - where I will have garden walks, tutorials, etc.
  2. Chalkboard talks - personal stuff and topics like decluttering and organizing, aging, beauty, etc.
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Yes, I'm that pathetic :)
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