I just updated the Gazebo and now I'm ready to start a newsletter to let you know all about what is happening in my gardening world!

Start Slow

My favorite word of advice. Too many things move too fast... then collapse
My tagline for the garden site is "Slow Gardening in the Instant Age", and that probably about sums my philosophy for garden writing, and Real Life Garden experience, too. We live in a time where everything is rush,rush, and it annoys us to wait more than a minute for the information we want. We wanted it instantaneously.

But gardening, and our own brains don't really work that way. We build understanding and skills  with a layering technique... and it is by consistant use of such things in gardening: our weeding, propagating, feeding, and pruning work together season by season to build a beautiful and productive garden.

That will also be the philosophy behind the Newsletter,'Garden Enthusiasm'. Just as the way my garden site has grown, and branched off into the Garden Journal, Gazebo, and the social media projects,  I hoep to add this way of communicating th eentusiasm and tie all these projects together. Great if you love me, and a way to get to know my projects, if you are new to the Ilona's Garden world.

I look forward to touching base with you and sharing what is going on in the garden world I inhabit: the slow real one connected but not run by the instant age...

Your Gardening Cohort and Friend,

What's New?

I not only refurbished and updated the Gazebo, I added the capability for a recipe cookbook from which to print my favorite garden recipes. These will be limited to those that se fresh ingredients from the garden- but that is FAR from limited.

A sneak peek under the hood, The Gazebo.

Some of you know of my activity at Squidoo, but did you know I have tumblr posting great ideas to Ilona's Garden? How about the Pinterest idea board? Like when I first started blogging, these are experiments, but they look promising.

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