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Life Happens

Here is the chatty bit of news I promised you. 

This summer has flown by and it was one of the loveliest for me in terms of weather and personal accomplishment. The very unusual weather pattern continued through August and into September (summer version of a polar vortex) meant the grass never went dormant. It stayed verdant green and needed mowing all summer.

While I was able to accomplish much early on, but my family in another state needed me. So I left the garden and the garden writing and ran after grandchildren.

I initiated one of the grandchildren into the joy of gardening by helping him plant a container of tomato and basil. He ate some of his very own tomatoes! 

Yes, I Have New Pages

New writings? 

Squidoo News

Some new, yet old, writing will appear due to the changeover from Squidoo to Hubpages. Did you hear the news? Squidoo sold its content to Hubpages.

As with many article communities, there are differences in content styles, and all are struggling to keep up with Google search changes.

Why does this matter to my readers? My work at Squidoo essentially paid for the hosting and other needs for my site. The site itself is not self-supporting now. Some of the Squid pages were not easily tailored for Hubpages. They  were on the topic of gardening and will be reborn in my website and tailored for what I want to do @ Ilona's Garden. They are full of great information.

Picture above is a quick edit in picmonkey.
Autumn clematis is starting to bloom here. Chrysanthemums are available in stores everywhere. They are your best bet for all-autumn blooming color, a true garden stalwart!

I take gardening wherever I go

Love of nature is its own reward, and there is no better activity than opening the eyes of children to its wonders.

My grandson and I did not have ideal conditions. I foraged for an empty pot in his basement. I knew it was much smaller than our endeavor needed, but it did the job for most of the summer. As a long distance grandma, I could not give hands-on guidance as much as I would have liked. But there was a reward of fruit.

It says much for that tomato container that it competed with "Minecraft".

Have You Seen These Apps?

Have you seen the graphic creation apps that are free, online? Maybe you have, but if not I plan to be using Canva and Picmonkey this year. They produce very professional looking pictures, and in the case of  'Canva', the pictures come in template sizings just right for Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Check out: Both have free and premium versions.

More Photos

I've always needed to post more photos. Looking for the easiest way to transform my "I like to live the moment" to "I like to record the moment" attitude, look for more to appear on Instagram. Also, using the above apps should result in more web ready graphics to inspire my readers. I also use an iPhone app called Camera+ that produces similar results and posts directly to social media. I paid for that one.

Updated Gardening Hubs

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