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No job is too great for the Clean Up Crew!

ARA Employment Services, through funding from the Flexible Funding Pool (FFP) program, has established a project that involves young men on Bridging Visas to learn skills in gardening and general cleaning.

The Project, aptly titled the Clean Up Crew, has worked at a number of properties over the last 2 months doing general gardening, pruning, cleaning of gutters and removal of rubbish.
Bob is the Coordinator of the program who has many years experience running his own landscaping and gardening business. Bob is supported by a team of up to 4 young men who are learning gardening skills whilst having a good time.

The Clean Up Crew is looking to get some more jobs. If you have a garden that is in need of a general tidy up or a yard cleaned, contact Derek on 82270933 or at who will get Bob to come out and give you a quote.

ARA members can look forward to a 10% discount.

This is a program which ARA is keen to expand as it provides an opportunity for some of our most vulnerable new arrivals to earn an income, learn new skills and become familiar with the Australian workplace


16th-22nd June         - Refugee Week
20th June                   - ARA Leadership Training Graduation Night
21st June                   - Northern Youth Celebration 
21st June                   - ARA Oration 2013

Welcome to our e-campaign for Refugee Week 2013!

This time last year we ran our first Refugee Week online campaign through Facebook and email and we were greatly encouraged that so many of you shared our Refugee Week pictures.

That is exactly why we run this campaign. We want to make a positive noise and show our support for our friends and neighbours from a refugee background.

To find out more or ways to celebrate Refugee Week click here

Celebrate Refugee Week 2013 with the Australian Refugee Association featuring 
Jon Jureidini, who will explore the topic "To be a decent citizen".

Jon Jureidini is a child psychiatrist at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital. Jon has a longstanding interest in refugee mental health. In his work assessing and treating asylum seekers for over a decade, he has witnessed the damaging effects of the toxic environment in immigration detention.

Walk Together

As part of Refugee Week, Welcome to Australia will be holding Walk Together in recognition that if we’re all people, we’re all equal. The walk will start at Parliament House and proceed to Rundle Park (corner Rundle Street and East Terrace).

If you wish to join Team ARA, meet in front of the Stamford Plaza Hotel (opposite Parliament House) on North Terrace at 12.45pm on Saturday 22nd June 2013. 

Can you help Tizane get a job so he can look after his young family?

Tizane, his wife and young son are in Australia without any other support and very little money.

Tizane is desperately searching for work so he can support his family.

In fact, along with Tizane, there are 53 more of our refugee friends who need jobs by the 30th of June.
Each person comes from a different part of the world, each with their own story of survival against the odds.

To find out how you can help click here 

ARA desperately needs beds.

ARA’s Furniture Donation Centre is in desperate need of good quality mattresses and bed bases. Currently we have requests for 51 beds and mattresses with only 5 in stock.

Many of the beds required are singles for children and young people.

Two requests are from fathers whose wife and children (up to 6 per family) are arriving in Australia in the next two weeks so there is an urgent need.

If you have a good quality bed available please contact Ojo on 8161 3309 or  

ARA is holding a Quiz Night on the 24th August 2013 to raise funds for the ARA Reunification Fund

The Family Reunification Fund supports highly disadvantaged people from a refugee background to complete and lodge visa applications to be reunited with their family members overseas. There are many ARA clients, particularly young people, who are struggling day to day, trying to integrate into our society, living alone and far from family and friends.  These clients do not have support nor funds to sponsor remaining relatives
We look forward to testing your brainpower so put this date in your diary now
Further information to come.

ARA Leadership Training

We are coming to the end of a successful Leadership Training pilot project [funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship within our Settlement Grants Project]. 

Peter Laintoll, Craig Heidenreich and Celian Kidega have facilitated 50 Training sessions with leaders attending from a wide range of Community groups. 

Groups include the African Women’s Federation, Bhutanese Australian Association of SA, Congolese Community of SA, Congolese / Bembe Subgroup, Iraqi Families United, Liberian Women’s Group, 3 South Sudanese Subgroups – Aweil, Bahr el Ghazal and Warrap, and the Somali United Community Association. 

The pilot project has been well received and participants have particularly enjoyed the combination of lectures and workshops, allowing a hands-on approach to developing basic leadership skills. Among other things, the teams have lodged grant applications, with some encouraging outcomes starting to come through. 

One standout feature of the sessions is the opportunity for leaders from so many backgrounds to share the same learning environment together, with some really good rapport between them all. We look forward to kicking it off again in July with new candidates.  

ARA Achievement Award

At the end of each term, ARA presents an Achievement Award to a young person attending the Adelaide Secondary School of English for their outstanding efforts. Ali Sina was the recipient of the Term 2 Award. Ali Sina has been an exceptional leader in his school community and is continuing his education at William Light R-12. Ali Sina has been working with the Youth Service Team for many months and is currently looking for a part time job.

Port Adelaide, Enfield, Mitcham and Marion Council Scholarships

Thanks to generous support of the Port Adelaide Enfield, Mitcham and Marion Councils, ARA is able to assist refugees who are studying and/or live in these Council areas small scholarships to assist with their educational costs. 

The funds may be used for course fees, equipment, books or school uniforms. 

These Councils have supported the ARA Scholarship program for a number of years and we thank them for their ongoing support.

Contact the ARA Help Desk for more information.

Rejuvenate has had a successful month and the word is getting out that we are here!

We’ve had a lot of new customers and all their comments have been very positive about the shop and have been particularly surprised at the high quality of our donations! A couple of our fantastic regular volunteers Julia and Dimitra, have expressed their views on what it has been like to donate their time to ARA and to Rejuvenate.

Volunteering: A personal view
"The act of giving ‘freely’, be it money or time, without the expectation of financial gain, can be spiritually rewarding. As assistant in the ARA Rejuvenate Op- shop I come into contact with people from all walks of life. The experience of dealing with the public is personally satisfying and also valuable for me in developing my skills in retail that maybe useful in the future. I thank ARA, and in particular the Manager Louise Warren, for giving me the opportunity to give ARA some of my free time."
Dimitra has been with us for many months now and has helped not only in the shop but also at our garage sales as well as the LARA Fundraising evening at Rejuvenate. "Volunteering is an important part of my philosophy of “giving back”.  I have been involved with Rejuvenate even before the shop opened, and I always enjoy coming!  The work is always interesting and the other volunteers are great to work with too!  Not to mention some of the wonderful items I have purchased!  I’d recommend volunteering to everyone."

Entertainment Books

We are selling Entertainment Books this year as a fundraiser to raise
money for our cause. The books are filled with lots of great offers in the 

For more information contact us on 8354 2951
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