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2014 and Rearing to Go!



I hope you have all enjoyed our gorgeous weather and had a holiday of some sort.
Our timetable restarts on Tuesday January 28th at 6.30pm.
I know I promised some of you a quick summer sequence to practice while on holiday and I apologise that I was unable to get it out sooner.
Here it is though - better late than never.
Looking forward to seeing you all back in class.


1. Stand at the top of your mat in Tadasana

2. Inhale raise your arms above your head.

3. exhale down to uttanasana, keep your knees bent if the hamstrings feel tight.

4. Step back into downward dog.
Again if the backs of the legs are tight keep the knees slightly bent for the first one.

5. Bring your shoulders over the wrists, press the tops of your feet lift your thighs towards ceiling - if you find this a struggle keep your knees on the floor.

6. Step back into downward dog for 2 breaths.

7. Lunge forward with your right foot bring your left knee to the floor, press into your right heel and sink forward lifting your pubic bone as you do.
Change sides.


8. Ukatasana - have feet a hip width apart bend your knees keeping weight in your heels like you are about to sit down and lift your chest.

9. Tadasana - start again.
Do this again 5 times and try to hold you downward dog for an extra breath each time.


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