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September 18, 2016
Dear St. Joseph Catholic School Families,
Starting this week, our students in Grades 2-8 will begin their Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing that schools throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle complete. These beginning-of-the-year assessments will provide us with information regarding each student’s current academic skills and inform us of the progress they’ve made since the last round of testing.
The MAP assessments, which we administer via computer, measure student performance and progress in reading, language, and math (three separate tests given over the next four weeks). Our upper grades also take a science assessment. We follow up fall testing with additional testing later in the school year so we can see how much growth our students are making.
Each student takes a unique test, as the MAP test responds to the individual student’s level and becomes easier or more difficult as the student progresses through it. When students miss answers, it becomes easier. When they answer questions correctly, the test gets harder. Eventually it levels off, giving a reading of each student’s performance on that particular day.
Please understand that the test is just a snapshot of a student on the day the test was given. A student may do a bit better or worse on any given day.
Students will not have MAP tests each day. The tests, three or four  - depending on grade level - over the next four weeks, will usually be administered during the students’ regular computer times, but may happen at other times, especially for students who need more time to complete their tests.
When we receive the test results, we will share them with you and provide an explanation of how to read the results.
Throughout all of our testing, please help make sure your students get adequate rest. We want them to be able to give their best effort.
Thank you for taking an active interest in your child’s education and for your continued support of all that we do here at St. Joe’s
God bless,
Joe Manning, Principal
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