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Oxide soundset released

New Diva Soundset: Oxide

Our latest Diva soundset, Oxide, is now available.

The Unfinished described his vision for Oxide as “one foot in the world of techno and the other in the world of cinematic soundtracks.”

The result is a palette of colours, textures and moods to fuel your musical experiments. Oxide emphasizes Diva’s analogue spirit with gritty, twisted sounds and smoky, warm atmospheres.

Check out the walkthrough video and demo songs to hear what Oxide has to offer.

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Crystallia soundset

Crystallia reminder and update

In November we released Crystallia, a new soundset for Zebra2.

Italian composer Enzalla created a useful collection of sounds especially for game and film composers. Crystallia is full of thundering drums, rich pads, percussive FX, crystal-clear keys, and thick basses—perfect for layering or using on their own.

New in version 1.1, all presets include extra performance controls (aftertouch and breath i.e. MIDI CC 2) for more realtime expression.

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More soundsets

More soundsets

If you are interested in more presets (you can never have too many, right?), why not visit the soundset section of You will find all our soundsets there, as well as ones created by the community.

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