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McLean Fahnestock w/ Michael Dickins

Artist Talk & {Pre}HAPPENING
Tuesday, March 3rd @ 7:30 p.m.

Window (re/production | re/presentation) is pleased to partner with The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in presenting an artist talk and {Pre}HAPPENING with McLean Fahnestock and her collaborator Michael Dickins.  The talk will take place at the newly re-opened BMCM+AC space at 56 Broadway in downtown Asheville and will focus on Fahnestock’s on-going project related to her site-specific piece currently on view at Window, Hidden Hall of Pacific Bird Life: Fiji (from The Fahnestock Expedition). Fahnestock will relate this work to an upcoming audio-visual work currently in production for {Re}HAPPENING 2015 in collaboration with artist Michael Dickins, who will also be present.
Fahnestock’s work in Window is comprised of a scanned image sourced from the Ornithology Archive Room at The American Museum of Natural History in New York, where Fahnestock engaged in research around her grandfather and great uncle’s involvement in scientific expeditions during the 1930’s and 1940’s.  The photographic document depicts a portion of one of the four dioramas attributed to their journeys throughout the South Pacific. Fahnestock’s work seeks to “[reclaim] information from the media and history [and] re-present it in a way that leads us to address the truth of a situation versus the myth that has been perpetuated.”
The diorama, itself a representation of a real location, functioning as a presentation media and attraction for museums, derives its power and factive nature from its sanctioned site. The shift in dimensionality is also intriguing. From 4-dimensional reality to a 3-dimensional simulacra to a 2-dimensional image in a folder on a desk and then flattened again digitally. (Fahnestock)
In their proposed project for {Re}HAPPENING, Fahnestock and Dickins combine their,
…shared enthusiasm for multimedia installation, science, and politics [to craft a work] that utilize[s] technology to illuminate inequities in the systems that were originally created to support and further the human endeavor.
We will present the launches by NASA from the 1960s until today paired with the speeches that shaped the program. We will map the projections of the rockets to large trees on site so that the projected launches will leave from the grounds of Black Mountain College and disappear into the branches. Working with the close ties of governmental funding with scientific progress, historic audio clips will be punctuated by rumbling launches associated with the period. All material will be sourced from the open archives of NASA.
(Fahnestock, Dickins) 
About the Artists
McLean Fahnestock is a media artist who works in video, sound, sculptural installation, and photographic prints. McLean reclaims material from the media and institutions, seeking out footage, images, and items that carry the weight and specificity of their prior lives, ties to history, or presentation technique. McLean received a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University and MFA from California State University Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited and screened across the United States and Internationally in Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Japan. She has received an ARC Grant from the Durfee Foundation, two Hoff Foundation Grants, and was awarded a Professional Artist Fellowship from the Arts Council for Long Beach. Her work was included in a DVD compilation of short videos by the LA Film Forum. She was a finalist for a 2012 Vimeo Video Award and was recently named “Most Promising New Artist” at MADATAC 05, in Madrid, Spain.
McLean lives and works in Sango, TN, USA.
Michael Dickins is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is created with a variety of media including drawing, sound, installation, photography, printmaking and video. He holds an MFAIA from Goddard College and a BFA from Georgia Southern University. Dickins has exhibited around the Southeast as well as Augusta, Maine, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Houston, San Diego, Portland and Berlin. He has also received commissions from the Pittsburgh Playhouse and the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company for original sound score and projection design. He currently works with both digital and material processes to create work that engages political and social concerns.
Michael Dickins is currently the Gallery Director at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.
About the Programs
The {Re}HAPPENING, an annual multidisciplinary experimental art event, honors the dynamic artistic energy of Black Mountain College and pays tribute to the groundbreaking innovations of that community of artists. Simultaneously, the event launches a contemporary platform for artists and attendees to experience adventurous art and creativity in the present day. To find out more about {Re}HAPPENING, visit:
Conceived of as a site-specific minimalist exhibition space, Window aims to stimulate thoughtful discussion around timely issues of representation within contemporary art in the local community and beyond.  Window is generously sponsored and hosted by Henco Reprographics, 54 Broadway, Asheville, NC  28801.  

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