Public Works, Land, and the Green New Deal


In the midst of our climate crisis, it's time to talk about how and where we live.

In the era of climate change, everything is on the move. People, animals, and entire ecosystems. We can find evidence of this migration in the Puerto Rican diaspora, the spread of feral hogs to northern latitudes, and the expanding range of fire regimes in the American West. It is no longer a question of if or when these massive shifts will occur. We are living through them now. All that remains is the scale, scope, and pace of our responsewhether we'll plan for change, or simply react to it.

This fall, the McHarg Center is putting this work at the top of our agenda. On Thursday, September 5th we'll host Jodi Hilty, chief scientist of the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative, for a wide-ranging, public discussion on the future of land conservation and climate change. She'll be joined by Amy Freitag (Kaplan Fund) and Richard Weller from 6-7:30 in Meyerson Hall.

A week later, we'll host the most ambitious public event of the year at the University of Pennsylvania: "Designing a Green New Deal." It will feature Naomi Klein, Dave Roberts (Vox), Rhiana Gunn-Wright (New Consensus), Julian Brave Noisecat (Data for Progress), Leah Stokes (UCSB), Kate Orff (SCAPE), and many others.

These events will be linked to a new round of coursework and research in the Center focused on the landscapes of decarbonization and adaptationthe central tenets of the Green New Deal. Like every event hosted by the Center, these are free and open to the public. By appealing to both the public imagination (through our events and writing) and to the Members of Congress writing the pending slate of Green New Deal legislation (many of whom have now formally invited us to help shape and draft their work), we are entering a period of once unfathomable hope on climate change. We hope you'll continue to support our efforts as we this vital work continues.

Upcoming Events

Conservation with Climate Change

How might we reimagine the design, planning, and management of conservation land in the erea of climate change?

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Designing a Green New Deal

Whatever form the Green New Deal eventually takes, it will be realized and understood through buildings, landscapes, and other public works.

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Friends of McHarg

The Center's work is made possible by the generosity of our alumni, partners, and friends. Everything you see in this letter--the events, the research assistance, the press and published writing--are supported by our discretionary fund. Become a friend of the McHarg Center today by giving to our fund.

Design With Nature Now exhibitions have been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

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