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shannon mulholland
NAME: Shannon Mulholland

OCCUPATION: Emergency Coordinator for the UN, Safi Coffee Owner, Mommy

HOME: Brooklyn, NY

ROLE MODEL: Her mom, an avid gardener

PIVOTAL MOMENT: A trip to Paraguay where she realized most people don’t have an opportunity to go to college ... so she promptly went

HIDDEN TALENT: Won several barista awards while in school

HER MISSION: To produce fair trade, gourmet Kenyan coffee at reasonable prices and make the farmers stakeholders in order to lift them out of poverty

SHOCKING MOMENT: Finding out she was pregnant while acting as an emergency coordinator in Haiti after the earthquake

WANTS TO BE: In about 10 places at once

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Running a successful wholly sustainable and direct trade coffee company in Kenya while living in New York and raising a baby

WHY SAFI? Kenyan beans are considered some of the best in the world

THE GOODS: Safi Coffee is delivered directly to your door

MISSION STATUS: Accomplished!

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