Today's Happiness Tip

Welcome to the first edition of Daily Abundance EFT, Happy Healthy News and Tips, where each week you will get a news item or tip on happiness or health. And I'll share EFT tips or successes as well as any new products I hear about that increase your happiness or health. If you see a news item on health or happiness and want to share it with me, or have other comments, feel free to email me at

Near the end of 2010, I read a great book about happiness. It was called Happy For No Reason, by Marci Shimoff. Marci was a co-author on several of the Chicken Soup books. Her whole book has a happy tone and is filled with tons of tips about how to be happy, but I thought you would like her Happy For No Reason questionnaire. This one doesn't ask about the good things that "make" you feel happy, but rather the stuff for which you have no reason to be happy. Confused? Go here and take the questionnaire. I got an 83. How do you fare? If you like this tip, take a minute to share it with a friend. :-) To your happiness.

And another thing. Laughing is great! Over time, I've had several people send me very funny videos of babies laughing. Just go to youtube and do a search for laughing babies. Then feel the endorphins surge as you join the little tykes in a giggle. Here is one of my favorites.


EFT Tapping Tip

Feeling blue? Here is some wording to improve your happiness. Fill in the following blanks and then use them for your EFT setup statement. I feel _____ because __________. Measure 0-10 how much you feel it. Now. Even though I feel (sad) because (my dog died) I deeply and completely accept myself. Do several rounds until your number goes down to a 1 or 2.

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