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There are about 340 babies born per minute, every minute of every day. Wow! So much potential in that figure. I recently was able to contribute to the positive outcome of a healthy birth which you can read about on my blog. ( This wonderfully strong woman was helped so much by a loving supportive family, by her practice of hypnosis before the baby came, and by her use of EFT. She used it to resolve her fear and ease her discomfort. So many women have traumatic birth experiences which leaves an imprint on the body, mind, and emotions and the experience may be a future contributor to other negative outcomes if they cannot overcome that trauma. Having had 7 children, four being all natural, I have run the gamut of completely medicated birth to nearly home birth and everything in between. How I wish now, I had had EFT then. Pregnancy and chidlbirth are new opportunities to explore life and death, fear and faith, hope and help, strength and weakness, joy and sorrow. EFT can gently resolve the negative side of the pairs and allow a woman to go confidently into a situation that can be very empowering. Share EFT with an expectant mother today.,

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And another thing. Did you know that simple things can sometimes prevent miscarriage and support healthy babies? Here is one I have used. Consult your doctor before taking anything while pregnant or nursing. Miscarriage tip


EFT Tapping Tip

There are plenty of pregnancy symptoms that EFT might be able to improve. Nausea comes to mind and that is certainly worth a try. My above mentioned friend used it to stop preterm contractions. How about lower back pain? Measure 0-10 how much it hurts. Now. Even though my lower back really hurts I deeply and completely accept myself. Do several rounds until your number goes down to a 1 or 2. Please let me know if it helps.

EFT Appointments

Last Saturday, I had a great seminar with attendees learning full service do-it-yourself EFT. We had success with indigestion, fear, sadness, and many unnamed things resolved quietly. I love how EFT can do that. If you'd like to make an appointment in person, I am at Indigo Mountain in Safford on Mondays from 9am-3pm. Email me. I can also do phone and skype appointments. Just email me for more information.

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