Today's Healthy Brain Tip

Have you ever had the experience where your computer starts doing it's own thing? Like repeatedly freezing on a particular page or program? Or going slower than any person should be made to wait in this day and age? Me too. Sometimes my comuter just seems to have a mind of it's own. But then I remember that if I simply turn of the computer and let it reboot, my performance returns. Sometimes you have to do a defragment to really get things back to normal. This week I was introduced to a process that does the same thing for your brain.

Have you ever noticed that you seem to be tripping on your words? You can't remember a specific word for a specific use? You seem to be slower in thought than normal. Maybe your computer brain just needs a little reboot. This link takes an hour to listen to and the first five minutes are about other things, but it's worth hanging in for. John Reese tells step by step how to dump all your brains contents and reboot. I am still on step 1 because it's taking me longer than I thought. But I think this will be so helpful for me. I'm having that little foggy brain experience right now, so I am hoping this process which I am going to use over the next few days while I am out of town, will really get me good and sharp again.

I don't know anything else about John Reese other than this. It was shared with me and I thought I'd share with you. Let me know if it helps you.

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